I am not a lazy dresser. I love colors. And prints. And textures. And details. My closet is filled with everything from long, flowing numbers that must’ve belonged to someone’s hippie grandmother to short, sweet things that must’ve belonged to someone’s favorite Spice Girl.

For all the fun I have with fashion, there are moments when that fun comes with frustration. Sometimes, I spend more time than necessary mulling over an outfit. (Does this bag match these shoes? Does this scarf match this dress? Err, do I now look too matchy-matchy?) Before I know it, I’m running late for a meeting and have to scurry over there a huffing, puffing, sweat-dripping mess.
So when BeautyMNL challenged me to try effortless dressing (read: The Lazy-Girl Look) to see if doing so nixed these frustrations and made me a more chill person all-around, I was game. While I love my meticulous outfits and statement shoes, I thought I might actually benefit from a more laidback attitude towards dressing. Here’s what happened with 4 effortless pieces over 4 busy days.


For the first day of the experiment, I went with this George & Rita top and paired it with stretch navy trousers and white sneakers. I topped it off with a black coat since I would be attending a conference.

While I own a lot of black tops, they’re usually tight, cropped, or both. This one, with its boxy cut and hem that fell way below the waist, was not something I would’ve picked out from a store rack.

As I caught that first glance of myself wearing the top in the mirror, I worried that I looked like I was drowning in it, and wished it were just a little bit tighter. But as the day wore on, I began to warm up to its comfy fit. Plus, as a girl who doesn’t wear bras, its thick fabric became my new best friend.

Shop George & Rita’s Vivien Top in Black here.


The second day of the experiment was also the second day of the conference I was attending, so I went with these gray Straightforward trousers, paired them with a white button-down, and threw on my trusty white sneakers.

I generally prefer skirts or dresses over pants because pants make my outsize hips and thighs look even bigger, so I felt kind of frumpy walking around in this outfit. But I did love the pants’ fit. For someone who has such huge hips, I sadly do not have the humps to show for it, so props to this pair for faking a respectable booty for me.

Shop Straightforward’s Easily Tailored Trousers in Medium Gray here.


I love wide-leg pants, so out of everything I chose for this experiment, I was most excited to try Nala the Label’s Hera Pants. I wore them out to dinner with the family, and they were so comfy, believe me when I say that I forgot I even had pants on.

At first, I was a tad worried that the light color and shiny material wasn’t going to do me any favors below the waist. But whatever—I’m putting this baby on regular rotation because not only is it comfy, that color is the stuff of dreams.

Shop Nala the Label’s Hera Pants in Old Rose here.


I usually like to wear breezy skirts or dresses on Saturdays. But for this experiment, I went for cropped wide-leg jeans to go with a loose-fitting yellow tee from Fudge Rock. While the tee had a rainbow stripe running from the shoulder to the arm, it was still pretty understated for me, so this look was the one I was least thrilled about—at first.

I ended up doing a complete 180 because I absolutely adored the mustard color and the loose silhouette on me. Just catching a glimpse of myself when I passed by a mirror made me happy—not quite “chill” as the experiment had intended, but surely “happy” is better?

Shop Fudge Rock’s Strip Tee in Mustard here.


If there’s one thing I learned from this experiment, it’s that effortless dressing gives me greater comfort—but I can’t say it comes with greater chill.

The truth is, I’m just not a naturally chill person. I could slip on the rattiest pambahay and walk around barefoot, yet it still wouldn’t do much for my overall chill apart from providing some relief. I guess that’s why the comfort I felt in the experiment never ushered me straight into a state of calm—it was quickly crowded out by the constant activity in my head.

Plus, if there’s anything that definitely makes me un-chill, it’s feeling like I’m trying to be someone I’m not—and I felt that in flashes during the experiment. I’ve come to accept that when it comes to dressing, I just simply love colors. And prints. And textures. And details. And I like it that way.

Still, this experiment did make me see comfy clothing with fresh eyes, so I’m all for adding more of that to my wardrobe—but only if I can style it to still scream ME. So next time, that black top is going with a flouncy skirt, those gray trousers are going with a band T-shirt, and that mustard tee is going with platform shoes.

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