Jamsu (pronounced jam-soo) is the latest South Korean craze. So many YouTubers all over Asia have been trying it! I didn’t want to miss out on the fun, so today, we’re going to find out if this viral makeup trick is worth the hype.

So, what IS jamsu? It’s a K-beauty technique that involves submerging your entire face in cold water. And by entire face, I mean an entire face of makeup. The direct translation of jamsu is “diving.” Apparently, if you face-dive for 30 seconds, your foundation will set like a dream—and your face will NOT oil up throughout the day. Now, can you understand why I wanted to try this?



STEP 1: I started off with my usual base makeup routine. I just used primer (Maybelline Baby Skin Pore Eraser) and cream foundation (Maybelline Dream Velvet Matte Foundation).

STEP 2: I generously applied the loose powder all over my face. If you’ve ever done the “baking” method underneath your eyes, it’s exactly the same thing—except over a larger canvas. I really packed on the powder everywhere to ensure all my bases were covered.
STEP 3: Here’s where the actual jamsu comes in. Fill a large bowl with ice-cold water. The bowl needs be wide enough to comfortably fit your face from forehead to chin. Once you’ve sorted that out, submerge your entire face in the water for 30 seconds. Don’t worry, you can take breaks in between to breathe!


STEP 1: After face-diving, I noticed that the water didn’t sufficiently cover some areas of my face, like a small part of my left under eye and the outer part of my jawline. No worries on that—just dip your face again.

STEP 2: Let your face air-dry. Do not rub it with a towel. The only thing I did was dab at some excess water that was dripping off my face. I did this very, very softly.


A couple of minutes after air-drying, I noticed a lot of dried powder residue, which made my face look whiter than usual. According to my research, this is normal. Also, my skin was smooth to the touch and actually kind of flawless.
Once your face has completely dried, go ahead and do the rest of your makeup. Your brows, eyeshadow, contour, blush, highlight, everything!

This is what my face looked like after:
Super soft, super matte, super poreless. But the real question is, will this really keep oil at bay all day and extend the wear of my makeup? I headed out the door for a day of events to test it out.


Just to be clear, I absolutely did not retouch at all (watch the video and see for yourself!). In spite of that, my skin looked unusually better and fresher than it would on a regular “no-retouch” day!
I have combination skin, and normally, I’d look oily and hulas at the end of the day. Not after jamsu, though!

Wear-wise, I noticed a little creasing under one eye and small patches on the sides of the nose. But besides that, the rest of my makeup stayed perfectly intact. Amazing. I still can’t believe it, and now I’m convinced that jamsu is worth trying! Would I do it every day? If I had a little extra time, why not?

Photos and video by Say Artillero