“I’m so bloated” is a phrase you most likely say after indulging in a gluttonous meal every now and again. I personally say it more often than I like to confess. So much so, I even refer to my post-binge belly as a food baby—and chances are, you can probably relate. It happens to the best us!

It’s not unusual for our bodies to fluctuate between meals, and our bellies to swell. But sometimes, bloating comes with symptoms far worse than a puffed-out stomach: gas, stomach pains, constipation—you get the picture. Luckily, you don’t have to deal with any of it. Many people with the same problem claim that fiber provides an easy solution. When the ingredient is ingested, it can help reduce bloating and simultaneously lessen the burden of a food baby.
Intrigued, I decided to increase my fiber intake for 7 days. But instead of relying on nuts or flaxseed, I drank Wink White’s Pancea Fiber. One sachet of the powdered, berry-flavored mix contains as much fiber as our recommended daily intake (RDI), plus a whopping dose of antioxidants. (You know, for good measure.)
All you need is to combine the contents of 1 sachet with cold water and chug. I decided to drink it a few hours before bed every night. I would make no changes in my diet or exercise over the course of this experiment, just to see if I experienced any significant changes while my usual lifestyle remained constant. Here’s what I learned during my weeklong trial.


1. My bowel movements are more regular. I normally “go” after breakfast, but during my week of drinking fiber, I’ve been using the bathroom right after waking up. Like clockwork!

2. There was an improvement in my skin. I was on my period, and ate a ton of chocolate. Usually, after stuffing myself with too much of the stuff, I get acne. This week was no different, but my pimples disappeared soon after their arrival.

3. My food baby was much smaller. With the amount of food I ate, there’s no denying I had a food baby. What I will say, however, is how much smaller it looked. Perhaps if you indulge less than I did, you can avoid a puffed-out pouch altogether.

Will you be taking fiber, too? Sound off in the comments!

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