You already know how seriously we take masking here at BeautyMNL. Sheet masks, clay masks, peel-off masks, bubble masks—you name it, we’ve tried it. Nothing surprises us anymore. That is, until this hi-tech LED mask (yes, LED mask) arrived at the office.
What you’re looking at is the Neutrogena Fine Fairness Light Mask. Trippy, right? This Daft Punk-esque device is the latest innovation in skincare—and it’s unlike anything we’ve ever seen.

Now, we know what you’re thinking: what exactly is it? Well, this wearable device functions just like a fancy derma treatment. Powered by the same LED technology used by NASA scientists, it bathes your skin in two types of therapeutic light: red light and infrared light.
This light combination does four important things. First, the red light fades dark spots and enhances your skin’s natural glow. Then, the infrared light penetrates deep into the dermis to boost the production of collagen and elastin. This should result in plumper, bouncier, smoother skin. And for your absolute convenience, all of this happens in 10-minute sessions of wearing the LED mask.

Sound too good to be true? We thought so, too. But according to the literature, 96% of women who tested the mask saw a dramatic improvement in 30 days. After trying it myself for just half that time, I have to agree with them. This skinnovation is nothing short of revolutionary. I saw The Glow with my own two eyes!
But that’s enough rambling—the results will speak for themselves. Here’s exactly what went down during my 14-day test of the Neutrogena Fine Fairness Light Mask.


Before anything else, I had to learn how to properly use this device. Follow the 5 steps below.
STEP 1: Wash your face. Be sure to remove all traces of makeup, dirt, and other impurities. The LED masks works best when used on bare, clean skin.
STEP 2: Connect the LED mask to the Activator. The Activator is a hand-held device that powers the mask. Each Activator provides 30 sessions of masking. The number on its screen will indicate how many sessions are left.
STEP 3: Put on the mask! It comes with built-in temples, just like a pair of glasses, which you can hook over your ears for a secure fit. Make sure your eyes are completely shielded by the eye covers inside the mask. Don’t worry, this mask is perfectly safe; the eye covers just ensure you have the most comfortable experience.
STEP 4: To turn on the mask, press and hold the power button on the Activator. The mask will instantly light up with a futuristic red glow!
STEP 5: Sit back and relax for 10 minutes. I suggest playing music at this time so you can enjoy yourself. The mask will automatically shut off as soon as your 10-minute session is over.
STEP 6: To end my treatment, I applied an even layer of Neutrogena’s Fine Fairness Gel Cream all over my face.
According to the folks at Neutrogena PH, applying their Fine Fairness products immediately after using the mask helps maximize its results. This particular cream is made with HealthyWhite Complex technology, which brings out brighter, more translucent skin. So why not, right?


This is how my skin looked on the first day. I started using the mask once every evening for the prescribed 10 minutes. That might sound like a short period of time, but I have to say, it gave me a lot of relaxation. I just sat back, cleared my mind, and let the mask do its work.
My first impression of the mask? It was super comfortable to use—much more comfortable than I expected. Plus, the red and infrared lighting gave off a slight warming sensation on my skin. I almost fell asleep with the mask on a couple times! (Again, it shuts off automatically after 10 minutes, so there’s nothing to worry about.)

My complexion didn’t look significantly different for the first few days, but it felt different. Right after masking, and even the following morning, it felt smoother and bouncier to the touch.
By the end of the first week, I could see visible changes in my skin tone. Redness and dullness are two of my biggest concerns—so imagine how pleased I was to see my skin slowly start to even out. While the change was subtle, my face certainly looked less fatigued than usual.
At the start of the second week, I finally saw what I’d been waiting for: less dark spots! And I know it was the mask working because I’d stopped using my usual Vitamin C serum for the entire duration of this test. I wanted to see if the mask would improve hyper-pigmentation on its own—and I wasn’t disappointed. My acne scars are few and subtle, but I’m quite conscious of them. So I definitely noticed when they started to fade away, especially around my cheeks.
At this point, I felt comfortable enough to stop wearing base makeup to the office. (Okay, fine, I wore concealer under my eyes. Shhh.) That’s how much I was loving the results! My skin is usually splotchy and red, but near the end of Week Two, it looked drastically brighter and more even. The laugh lines around my mouth surprisingly smoothened out, too! I wasn’t expecting that at all.
This is how my skin looked on the last day. The biggest difference was definitely in my skin tone. I’ve tried a lot of brightening products in the past, but this is the healthiest and most radiant my skin has ever looked.


This LED mask has me completely hooked! Not only did it cancel out the redness around my nose and forehead, it also diminished most of my dark spots. A lot of the texture in the center of my face improved, too. And that’s only after two weeks of use!
Even on the most stressful days out of the 14, this LED mask kept my skin from looking fatigued. I can honestly say I barely use any foundation since I started this treatment. My skin also feels much smoother, almost like I’ve been doing clay masks on a daily basis. Suffice it to say that my derma won’t be seeing me for a long, long time.
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