I am the kind of girl who is hated by janitors. Why? Because at the end of a busy workday, you’ll find the floor by my desk littered with fallen hair! These long, dense, black strands are completely unnecessary additions to our office waste—not to mention, they require extra sweeping. So when our friends at Davines sent full-sized samples of their hair-strengthening line to the BeautyMNL office, I grabbed them! If there was any chance I could at least improve my hairfall (let alone stop it completely), I was going to take it.
There are two products in this line: the Energizing Shampoo and the Energizing Gel. The packaging is just so beautiful—unisex, too, so guys suffering from the same condition won’t be shy to use them. Talk about a great addition to your bathroom counter!
The shampoo is supposed to improve micro-circulation in the scalp, while the gel treatment “stimulates hair metabolism” to prevent further hairfall. I was excited to start using these products because caffeine is apparently an active ingredient. They’re also paraben- and sulfate-free—so if you’re finicky about those things, that’s a big plus.

Now, the recommendation is to use the shampoo and gel for three months to see actual results. I’ve only been using them for four weeks, but I’ve already experienced some pleasant changes. My review below!


LOOK, FEEL, SMELL: The shampoo is red-orange in color, similar to the visual on the packaging. It has an interesting texture—like thick, translucent, mashed-up jelly. It has a refreshing eucalyptus smell, which I really enjoyed. Lather-wise, don’t expect a lot compared to regular shampoos.

USAGE: Davines says you should only use the shampoo twice a week, so I’ve used it a total of eight times thus far. I kept in mind that I wouldn’t be able to reap the full benefits of the shampoo if I didn’t allow my scalp to absorb it fully, each and every time. So after I applied it, I was patient. I let the shampoo work its magic on my scalp for at least five minutes before rinsing it out. Yes, five minutes is a lot of time to just stand around in the shower, but I actually enjoyed this part of the process most! Like I mentioned, the shampoo has such a great scent, it’ll make you feel like you’re in a spa!

EFFECTS: Immediately after use, my hair felt thicker! I have thick hair to begin with, so any added volume is quite noticeable to me. My scalp also felt fresh and “minty” even after my hair had dried. Cleansing-wise, this is a pretty solid shampoo. It was very gentle but managed to remove all the dirt of the day so my hair didn’t feel oily.


LOOK, FEEL, SMELL: This is a simple, clear, leave-on gel that brings a tingling sensation to the scalp. It has the same super-nice eucalyptus scent as the shampoo.

USAGE: Davines says you should use this gel once a week—two times max. I’ve used it a total of four times over the past four weeks. It should always follow the shampoo, and you are NOT to rinse it out. So, I squeezed out a small coin-sized amount of the gel and spread it all over my scalp. Honestly, massaging it into your head feels like a dream! The scent, paired with the tingly-cool feeling, will instantly make you feel pampered and refreshed. It made the whole bathroom smell like a spa, just like the Energizing Shampoo.
EFFECTS: After applying this leave-on treatment, I expected my hair to feel greasy the whole day. But nope! It absorbed quickly. Once my hair dried, there was absolutely no heavy, oily, icky feeling. It’s almost like I hadn’t used anything on my scalp at all.
…But did it lessen my hairfall? Sort of. I’m still shedding at the office (sigh), but I have noticed that less strands are gathering in my drain after I shower (see below!). That hairball is getting smaller and smaller by the week, and I can’t wait for the day there’s no hairball at all. Is that even possible? Hmmm…maybe after I’ve completed the three-month regimen. We shall see.
Davines’ Energizing Shampoo and Energizing Gel are both available on BeautyMNL. Shop them here and here!
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Photos by Erika Gue