If there’s one misconception about yoga teachers, it’s the idea that we’ve somehow achieved a permanent state of zen. Sure, we might be calm and collected while conducting a class, maybe even inject a few philosophical concepts while we cue different postures—but once our students are out of savasana and out of the studio, we’re really just like everybody else. Some still work demanding day jobs, others have to pick up their kids from school, and we all share a common hatred for traffic (driving to and from different studios can get really nerve-wracking). Plus, teaching several classes a day can leave us drained, fatigued, and sometimes anxious.
I was having a particularly stressful week, when one of my BFFs, Ayana, told me about Spirit Dust. “It’s an herbal powder that can make you feel more relaxed and calm.”

Naturally, I was a little bit skeptical. What was it made of? And would it even work?

All the same, I couldn’t help but be a little curious. After all, she offered to send me a couple of sachets straight from the BeautyMNL HQ. “You know what,” I replied, shooting back a message, “I’ll give it a shot!”


Before our friend Dani sent over the stuff, I did my homework to find out what exactly I was getting into. I dug up some pretty interesting info. First, it’s a product of Moon Juice, a holistic lifestyle brand known for their organic pressed juices, healthy snacks, and natural remedies. I’m a big advocate of clean eating, so you can bet I got real excited.

Basically, this Spirit Dust is a medley of super-herbs. We’re talking Goji Berry Powder, Reishi Mushroom Extract, Silk Tree Bark Extract, and Longan Berry Extract, to name a few. These might sound familiar to you, and for good reason. These herbs have been widely used in traditional medicine for their various physiological benefits. This particular blend is designed to calm the nerves, improve hormonal balance, boost immunity, and reduce chronic stress. As somebody with a super busy schedule, I knew that this was the tonic I needed.


I’m always on the go, and I sometimes have to teach a class as early as 7AM. Thankfully, getting your daily dose of Spirit Dust is easy-as-pie. Simply add it to your daily drink of choice. You can even shake up your breakfasts, and dust it into your pancake and waffle batters, or top over yogurt. I mixed mine with my coffee or tea, and headed out to my day. I was totally impressed—it was that easy.


I’m not going to lie: I was half-expecting it to turn my drink into a fizzy, psychedelic potion. To my surprise, it gave my coffee and tea an earthy taste. Definitely not out of this world, but something along the comforting flavor profile of matcha. Yum!

But you’re probably wondering whether it really had an effect on me. Curious to know? Scroll on!
1. It helped me meditate. Although I try to squeeze in a 10-minute meditation session every day, I am not good at sitting still. Something always distracts me, and I’m always worrying about something—whether it’s the next class I need to teach, or the next story I have to write.

However, one afternoon, I sat down on my yoga blanket, closed my eyes, and breathed. Believe it or not, I was really able to clear my mind! No mental chatter, no anxieties at the back of my head. I didn’t even realize my timer go off; I simply felt focused on the present moment.
2. It inspired me to teach more confidently. I’ve been teaching yoga for two years, but I still sometimes get nervous before I lead a session—even if it isn’t really obvious. However, as I headed to my classes at Treehouse Yoga, I found myself excited and energized.

Throughout the warm-up and towards the cool down, I was able to cue with precision and clarity, and every sequence flowed effortlessly.
3. It powered my practice. I do yoga at least five times a week, at the studio or just at home. Sometimes my muscles feel heavy and super tight—chalk it up to the day’s stress or simply being tired. However, this week, I was able to flow through my vinyasa with ease, strength, and harmony. I even felt motivated to practice my inversions and arm balances!

4. It gave my skin a healthy glow. This was totally unexpected, but I swear my life by this. I do have a regular skincare routine—but my friends and family were commenting that my skin had a visible radiance. I realized that the plus-side to this powder was that its plant and berry extracts are chock-full of antioxidants! No wonder I was looking better than ever!


There’s no question about it, I’ll definitely be placing an order the next time I shop at BeautyMNL.

Overall, I really appreciate at how balanced I felt after taking the Spirit Dust. It gave me more focus and energy, without winding me up too much (as coffee often does). At the same time, it made me feel more relaxed, minus any sensation of sleepiness. So no, it didn’t give me any flighty, psychedelic mood swing. On the contrary, it was really grounding, and at the end of the day, that’s just what your soul needs.

The Moon Juice Spirit Dust Sachet (3g) is available on BeautyMNL for P216 only. Shop it right here!

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