Before the New Year, I made a personal resolution to take better care of myself. And so far, I’ve been following through—I’ve been eating cleaner, exercising every day, taking my daily vitamins and probiotics, and getting more sleep. After all, there’s no better way to spend your 20s but to make healthier choices and improve your quality of life.

For a while, I’ve been pretty curious about herbal supplements. I’ve been cutting down on caffeine, and have been looking for more natural ways to amp up my energy levels. I called my friends Dani and Ayana and asked if they could give me any other recos. They told me to try Sex Dust.

“Are you serious?” I asked Ayana, as if she had just told me a weird joke. Yup, she was super serious—in fact, she offered to send me a couple of packets right then and there.

I turned down the offer at first. What I needed was an energy boost, not an aphrodisiac!

Still, I was a bit curious and did a bit of research. Here’s what I found:


At first, just the thought of consuming the stuff seemed pretty mystical, sensual, and too daring for my taste. It is, though, a product of Moon Juice, and I had actually tried their Spirit Dust a while back—and totally loved it! Was I going to love this other concoction?
Just like Spirit Dust, Sex Dust is also an adaptogenic blend of power-packed herbs. It’s made with Shatavari Root Powder, Epimedium Leaf Extract, and Schisandra Berry Powder, which are natural boosters for stamina, endurance, and overall physical performance. So contrary to what anyone might think, it isn’t necessarily a love potion.

Another benefit of the herbs found in Sex Dust? It works wonders for your menstrual cycle, especially if you have an intense or irregular one. However, it wasn’t that time of the month for me when I tried it so I wasn’t able to experience this.

Last but not least, it also contains Maca Root Extract, which gives an extra kick of energy—without the buzzy effects of caffeine!

Fine, I decided. I was going to try it out—after all, I trust my friends at BeautyMNL!


You can easily add Sex Dust into your coffee or tea, but I dusted mine into my breakfast.
I mixed it into my gluten-free, vegan pancakes, chia pudding, and coconut yogurt. I also added cacao nibs and acai berry powder into my pudding and yogurt, just for my daily dose of antioxidants. It made my meal prep more fun!


It’s definitely an indulgent, sinful potion—simply because it has a dark, silky chocolatey taste. Think of it as extra rich cocoa powder with an extra zap of benefits. In fact, I’m thinking of adding it to my post-workout smoothies the next time around!

So, if you’re curious to see what else I experienced during this little experiment, here are a couple of thoughts:

1. It boosted my workouts. Like, really. Since January, I’ve devoted three days each week to high-intensity exercise and another three nights for running. I squeeze my yoga practice in between!
When I started taking the powder, I felt really strong throughout the warm-up, cardio, and weights training. I even forgot that I had ingested anything new. In fact, my coach observed that I had more strength and stamina during our workouts!
2. It improved my metabolism. Sex Dust contains Shilajit Extract, which helps reduce inflammation and bloating, and is a natural diuretic. In only 3 days, my digestion drastically improved! As a result, I felt I could move more and had a lot more energy too.
3. I was less stressed and fatigued. Since I teach early in the morning and at night, I usually feel really sleepy and tired after my classes. Since taking Sex Dust, that was totally not the case. I did not experience my usual burnout, and even felt like I could teach for a couple more hours!


The short answer: yes. I’m not sure if I’ll be drinking it every day, but hey, I think it’s an effective supplement for those with physically active lifestyles!

I’m pretty sure that other fitness supplements work just as good (and even better), but I’m pretty much a beginner to these herbal concoctions—so this is a welcome start.
Besides giving me that much-needed energy boost, I love how it just made me feel lighter, stronger, and absolutely ready to take on my day. Plus, its vegan, totally natural, and filled with antioxidants—so if health and wellness are part of your goals this 2019, then this definitely ticks them off your list.

The Moon Juice Sex Dust is available on BeautyMNL for P216 to P2,499. Shop it right here!

Photos via Instagram: @moonjuice (1, 2)

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