The idea of brow tattooing has always scared me. That is, until I saw a bunch of Instagram posts about Permanent Makeup Manila. The work being done at this Alabang brow studio seemed unlike any other I’d ever seen before! The brow tattoos (called brow embroidery treatments) didn’t look super drawn on and dark—rather, they looked feathery yet polished, as though they were a product of genetics.
Honestly, I was so intrigued by the “natural look” this place was pushing, I decided to pay Permanent Makeup Manila a visit. Here’s what happened at my Hyperreal 6D Brow Embroidery appointment with founder Pauline Ylaya!


Before the procedure, you’ll just have to fill in some forms—the usual thing when you visit a new clinic. It doesn’t take too long, and the tattoo process begins immediately after!

STEP 1: NUMBING. To ensure a comfortable treatment, numbing cream was applied to my brows.
STEP 2: SHAPING. As mentioned earlier, my appointment was Pauline Ylaya, the founder of Permanent Makeup Manila. She’s the expert when it comes to brow shaping. We each threw in our suggestions for coming up with my perfect brow shape—it really felt like a collaboration. Pauline won’t force you to go for a shape you don’t want, and I loved that about her!
For the brow shaping, Pauline used a dark marker. But don’t be alarmed! It’s just a temporary tracer.
STEP 3: SHADING. This is where the tattooing comes in! I’ll tell you right now that the initial shading did NOT hurt at all. The feeling is similar to having your brows bladed with a bad blade (AKA a blunt one), so it doesn’t hurt at all!
Depending on your brow density, Pauline will do one to three shading sessions to go over missed spots. Now, I have low pain tolerance, so I did experience a little pain during the second shading. This is because the skin underneath my brows had already bruised by the first shading, so a little pinch was inevitable with a pain threshold as low as mine. My tip is to just ask for the good stuff: the extra strength numbing cream. Pauline will slather its magic over your brows and you won’t feel a thing!
The shading also involves intensely coating the brows and the area around them in ink. Again, don’t worry, this will be wiped off at the end.


There are a couple of DON’Ts to take note of after the treatment so make sure you read up! Permanent Makeup Manila provided me with a kit that included all the necessary things needed for post-care.

For the next three days, I showered with protective covering over my brows. You’re not allowed to get them wet or apply makeup on them, as this will muddy up the tattoo.

Expect the skin under your brows to feel drier than usual. When that happens, all you have to do is apply the cream the clinic provides you with.

And now, the bad part: your brows may scab. When that happens, NO PICKING! Let the scabs come off on their own as the natural skin regenerates. In as little as two weeks, your brows will look A-OK!


Ready for the before and after? Here’s how my brows looked immediately after treatment:
Here’s how they looked a day after the treatment:
And here they are a month after treatment, when they finally faded to the desired color:
Yes, that’s me at the beach, and yes, I went swimming without wearing makeup and still came out of the water with full brows on!

Needless to say, I am so glad I got my brows tattooed. Now I can definitely say I woke up like this!

Permanent Makeup Manila is located at 3/F Madison Galeries, Don Jesus Blvd, Alabang Hills, Muntinlupa. All procedures are done by Pauline Ylaya. There are limited slots per day. Kindly book an appointment in advance so Pauline can accommodate you properly. For more information, visit the Permanent Makeup Manila Website here.

Photos and video by Say Artillero