Have you ever wanted to try a drastic hair color? Well, last week, I took the plunge and went from brown to pink! But not just any old pink. I got my hair dyed millennial pink, the pale blush color that is so in season and perfect for summer. Even Buzzfeed’s talking about it!
On the recommendation of a friend, I had my hair colored at Union Station Barber Shop in The Link Makati. My appointment was with RJ (I’ll put his information down below). When you book a session with RJ, do bring pegs to show him so he’ll know exactly what to do with your hair. Now, let me take you through the process of turning millennial pink!


STEP 1: I got bleached! Since I have naturally dark brown hair, we had to go for two rounds of bleaching. For the first round, white bleach was used on my hair. It didn’t hurt at all since none of the bleach was applied on the scalp at this time.
STEP 2: My hair was rinsed, washed, and dried.
STEP 3: For the second round, blue bleach was used to get rid of any yellowness in my hair. This bleach was applied all over, so be prepared for some stinging on the scalp. In my opinion, the pain was tolerable, but I think this will vary from person to person.
STEP 4: Once again, my hair was rinsed, washed, and dried.
STEP 5: Finally, RJ applied my hair color: millennial pink. My head felt numb at this point. When that happens to you, don’t panic! It’ll go away soon enough.
STEP 6: The pink hair color was left to “cook,” and I was left to wait.
STEP 7: After the waiting period was over, my hair was rinsed a third time, washed with purple shampoo, deeply conditioned, and gently dried.

And, just like that, I was pink! Since I had pre-existing highlights in my hair, my final look turned out to be a mix of baby pink, pale coral, and soft blonde. That’s totally normal, since the color payoff of millennial pink varies from person to person. I love it nonetheless! (You can opt to go back for a second session for touch-ups—the color will become brighter.)
All in all, I don’t regret going for this drastic change! It’s the best, and I LOVE my new look.

Union Station Barber Shop is located on the 2nd floor of The Link in Makati. Contact stylist RJ directly at 09184778414.

Photos and video by Say Artillero