The New Year might be in full gear, but you can probably still feel the lingering weight of last year’s festivities. (Relate?) Proper diet and regular exercise will always be effective ways to trim down. But no matter how well you eat or how hard you train, shedding those extra pounds will be difficult. In other words, we need all the help we can get!
Enter KILO OFF, a weight loss system created in France by Laboratories Vitarmonyl. KILO OFF offers powdered drinks and ingestibles that are designed to curb your appetite. All you have to do is drink it at the correct times!

The KILO OFF formula is available in powder form, liquid form and capsule form. For my 10-day experiment, I chose the Powder Drink (it seemed like the funnest of the three!). A box of the Powder Drink comes with 10 sachets and goes for P995 a pop.


KILO OFF’s Powder Drink is packed with natural ingredients that help you lose weight in four ways. They are able to:

  • Burn fat with green tea, guarana, mate, and green coffee extracts
  • Reduce cravings with citrus and apple pectins and guar gum
  • Drain water and toxins with grape, marc, cherry stalk, meadowsweet, and orange peel extracts
  • Maintain a flat stomach with papaya and pineapple extracts


This drink is best taken in the morning. Just grab one sachet, empty its contents into a big glass of water, and mix well. After 10 seconds, bottoms up!

Every box of the Powder Drink comes with The Kilo Off Guide, which I found quite helpful. This booklet includes personalized advice, coaching, and tips on how to deal with dietary trap situations. There’s even a quiz in there that helps you determine your Kilo Profile.

After taking the quiz, I discovered that my profile is the “Active Woman.” Apparently, it’s my on-the-go lifestyle and constant state of overstimulation that triggers my poor diet, and ultimately, what leads me to put on weight. So true! Luckily, KILO OFF recommends the best slimming approach to suit your dietary needs and lifestyle (also inside the same booklet).


LOOK: When the KILO OFF powder is mixed with water, it creates a cloudy, colorless drink. Don’t freak out if jelly-like patches form—this is normal. It’s just the fruit-sourced pectin in the drink reacting to the water, which causes a gelatinous appearance.

TASTE: The Powder Drink has a fruity, almost citrusy flavor. I would peg it as a milder version of Berocca. It’s really pleasant, if you ask me!


Drumroll, please: after 10 days of drinking KILO OFF in the mornings, I definitely noticed some changes.

First of all, I lost three pounds and an inch around my waist. YAY! It works!
Second, my bloating reduced drastically. I attribute this to two things: the drink made me get full faster and regularized the frequency of my bowel movements. So basically, I ate fewer snacks and didn’t feel like I needed second servings during meals, and I also “held on” to less food (if you know what I mean).
Finally, one more thing I liked but didn’t expect about this fat-burning drink is that how it made me feel energized. It was a great addition to my current diet and energy sources and really helped me power through the week.

All that said, here’s my disclaimer: just like any other slimming supplement, KILO OFF is NOT a magic potion. For best results, you still have to complement your KILO OFF regimen with a wholesome diet and regular exercise. I try to eat fully balanced meals and do yoga or a circuit workout as often as I can—and I kept this up the whole time I was drinking KILO OFF.

So, would I recommend it? Sure, why not! KILO OFF is not a replacement for healthy eating and exercise, but it does make a difference when you have a voracious appetite. If you still need a little help losing the holiday pounds or want to start prepping for your summer beach bod, you might want to give this a sip.

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