“Life begins after coffee.” This is the battle cry for folks who need their daily cup of java. Getting that caffeine boost is a crucial part of our morning routine. It’s how we power through deadlines, meetings, errands, and everything else in between!

So when we heard about Ultra Green Coffee, which claims to be a healthier, more super-charged option, we were pumped to try it out. Check this out:
The “green” in the name is a homage to 6 superfoods found in this potent cuppa: moringa, mangosteen, guyabano, bitter melon, bignay, and banaba. Also, unlike regular coffee, Ultra Green Coffee is made from unroasted arabica beans that are naturally green and rich in chlorogenic acid.

And now, a quick lesson in chlorogenic acid! When coffee beans are roasted, chlorogenic acid is destroyed. The roasting process is what actually brings out the signature aroma, color, and flavor we’ve all come to associate with coffee. But in green coffee, the chlorogenic acid is retained. This is great if you’re health-conscious, because chlorogenic acid is known to aid in weight loss! It inhibits the absorption of glucose and increases the body’s metabolism at the same time. It also helps prevent diseases such as diabetes and hypertension. In short, green coffee is good for you.
Sounds too good to be true, right? So, BeautyMNL put it to the test. For one regular work week, I decided to trade my regular cup of Joe for some Ultra Green Coffee. Here’s what happened over the course of my 5-day experiment.


When I opened the sachet, the insides looked like instant coffee powder with green speckles. And just like instant coffee, this coffee was also simple and easy to prepare: put it in a mug, add hot water, and stir! My tip: stir the mixture thoroughly and drink the coffee as soon as possible. Otherwise, a lot of the good green stuff that should go into your body will settle at the bottom of your mug.
Initial thoughts: green coffee was quite different from regular coffee. It had an earthy, nutty taste, with a really grainy texture to it. It was also surprisingly sweet, but not overpowering so. Later did I find out by reading the packaging that it contained Stevia Leaf, a 100% natural, zero-calorie sweetener.

After drinking one cup of green coffee, I felt wide awake and alert throughout the day. It honestly felt like any other caffeinated day at work. So far, so good!


According to the literature, the best time to drink green coffee is 30 minutes before you eat. So, I took my coffee before breakfast today (not with). My stomach was already rumbling by the time 30 minutes had passed. I was 100% ready to devour my breakfast!

I noticed that I felt fuller for a longer period of time. But it wasn’t feeling full to the point of being bloated. I’m really surprised that I can already see subtle differences after the second day!


Wednesday is usually the heaviest day at work for me, so I ended up drinking two cups of green coffee. I had one in the morning before breakfast, and another one in the late afternoon before merienda. Was that too much? I’m not sure. Good thing I didn’t experience any heart palpitations or feel uncomfortably wired.

Usually, after drinking two cups of regular coffee, I feel very sharp and wide awake but I also get a little jittery. Today, I still felt productive and alert but without the jittery effect. I even had enough energy to sneak in a quick workout after office hours! And just so you know, I got a good night’s rest; no tossing and turning in bed.


Another busy day at the office. I had two cups again (am I addicted?!) and I made the second one an iced drink. Just like yesterday, the green coffee made me feel alert but not over-caffeinated.

Today also marked a small feat for me: I didn’t snack as much as I usually do. It’s something that I’m quite guilty of, especially when I’m stressed at work. I noticed that after I drank my coffee and ate breakfast, I once again felt fuller and satisfied for a long period of time. Yay! It’s working!


Today, after I’d finished my first cup of green coffee, it kind of slipped my mind to eat. Wah! My stomach rumbled a whole lot more than usual, but it stopped right after I inhaled my late breakfast (way past the 30-minute waiting period). Lesson learned…

Luckily, even though I’d unwittingly deprived myself of food this morning, I also didn’t snack as much as usual! I keep saying this again and again, but I just felt noticeably fuller even though my meals were normal in size. New development: by late afternoon, my body was already looking for the second cup of coffee to stay alert.

Also, I’m not sure if it’s my mind playing tricks on me, but my pants felt a little less snug today! What a wonderful thing to experience on the last day of my green coffee experiment.


Five days is way too short a time to lose weight from drinking green coffee. Having said that, I definitely can see how it helps you lose weight if you drink it regularly. Just be sure to eat exactly 30 minutes after you drink the coffee, or else you’ll experience the stomach rumbles!
I have to admit that I kind of missed the taste and smell of my beloved cold brew. But for me, it was easy to get used to sweet and nutty taste of green coffee, particularly the Ultra Green Coffee formula. I was also relieved to discover that green coffee gave me the caffeine boost I needed throughout the week. On top of that, I noticed that it helped reduce bloat, plus, I stopped craving for sugary snacks.

I would also like to point out the affordability of this product. A packet of Ultra Green Coffee contains 10 sachets and costs P500. So if you do the math, each superfood-rich serving only costs you 50 bucks per cup! Let’s face it, regular trips to your favorite coffee shop can be quite costly. So if you’re budget-conscious and want to make healthier choices, this super-charged coffee is the perfect storm. I’m going to keep drinking this! Give it a try!

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