When it comes to products that promise eternal youth, we’re all easy targets. In your mid- to late-twenties, when your skin doesn’t look the way it used to, you’ll try just about anything to stay as supple as a teen. Pills, oils, strange-sounding ingestibles, you name it!
So when collagen powder started to get popular, I couldn’t help but be intrigued. It claims to restore skin elasticity and reduce wrinkles—plus, it guarantees gut-healing properties and joint health improvement. And when Jennifer Aniston swears by something, you know it’s got to be legit. That’s why I just had to investigate it for myself.
The first order of business was actually taking the stuff. Our friends at ivi RYO Premium Collagen sent over their 14-sachet powder drink set, which has a whopping 5,000mg of collagen in every sachet. Whoa!

For the purposes of this experiment, I opted to drink the powder twice a day, every day, for a week. Read my 7-day chronicle on collagen below!


In the morning, I decided to try drinking the collagen powder with just water. All I had to do was empty the contents of the sachet into a glass of cold water. Then I stirred it up, and voilà! My drink was ready.
So, how does collagen powder taste without any additional flavoring? It had a very mild, creamy taste. The closest thing that I can compare it to is baby formula or non-dairy creamer.
When I first mixed the white powder with cold water, I noticed that it didn’t dissolve easily. Even if I stirred it well, some chunks of powder remained. The water had a cloudy appearance, just like buko juice. It definitely did not taste like plain water anymore. Let’s just say that I was quite thankful collagen powder can be mixed with all sorts of beverages!
Later that day, I had my second dose of collagen during an afternoon coffee meeting. This time, I dumped the powder into some hot brewed coffee. The powder dissolved much more easily this time. It left a very mild aftertaste in my mouth. Another thing I learned? Collagen powder is quite the conversation- starter, so be prepared to explain what you’re drinking to whomever you’re with!


On these days, I tried mixing my collagen powder with chocolate milk and hot matcha tea. Similar to what it did with the brewed coffee, the collagen added a mild aftertaste to both of these drinks. I got used to it after a couple of sips.
I didn’t notice or feel anything different at all, body-wise (no extra bathroom breaks, in case you were wondering). The ivi RYO literature assured me that collagen powder has no weird side effects and contraindications. It’s also safe to take with other supplements and medications.
Here’s what it does do. Besides replenishing your natural supply of collagen, the powder packs you full of vitamins! Reap the benefits of Vitamin C (which helps the growth and reparation of tissues), Vitamin B1 (which keeps the membranes healthy), and Vitamin B12 (which produces healthy red blood cells). And that’s just to name a few of its benefits.


I finally found my favorite drinks to pair collagen with: orange juice and fruit smoothies! The powder’s mild, creamy taste and slightly thick consistency was the perfect complement to both drinks. I definitely planned on having more of these sweet sips in the next couple of days.
By now, I started noticing very subtle differences in my skin. Since my skin type is combination, I have a greasy T-zone and dry, patchy cheeks. After I started drinking collagen, the shine on my T-zone became a little more manageable and my skin looked less flaky than usual. It also felt less dry after I stepped out of the shower at night. Was this just my mind playing tricks on me? Or could this be the start of a slew of skin benefits to come?


I got my first compliment from a friend since I started drinking collagen! She asked me if I was wearing a new kind of makeup or if I had done anything different in my skincare regimen, since my face looked extra glowy. Success!
The best part is, my skin continued to look hydrated and supple even after I removed my makeup. That was when I noticed that my complexion improved. I definitely woke up like this (and I was even going to bed like this!).


Seven days of drinking collagen is definitely way too soon to see a dramatic difference. I can’t say that it gave me a natural facelift or that it minimized my frown lines. However, my skin did show some improvement towards the tail-end of the week.
What I also loved about this experience is that there were absolutely no side effects. You might have to get used to a slight difference in the taste and texture of your usual beverages, but honestly, it’s a great trade-off for a radiant complexion.
I recommend drinking collagen if you want to boost your current skincare routine or if the telltale signs of skin-aging are becoming more prominent. Collagen creams will only penetrate the topmost layers of skin, but ingesting collagen will boost effectiveness from the inside out.

Don’t forget that other lifestyle factors can also contribute to collagen depletion (and therefore, more wrinkles!). These include prolonged exposure to the sun, pollution, stress, and unhealthy eating habits. To reverse the premature aging process even further, don’t forget to use sunscreen every day and maintain a healthy diet. Who knows, that diet might just include collagen powder very soon!

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Photos by Carli Dagdag

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