Little by little, we’ve been coming around on alternative ways to lift ourselves up. After experimenting with Himalayan salt lamps and salt inhalers, the Wellness team is now firmly in camp we’ll-try-anything. And we really will, too—as long as the buzz looks promising! So for this round, I’m looking into healing crystals and what they can do.
In a nutshell, crystals are supposed to harness the energies of the sun, moon, and oceans to connect you to Earth. But whether or not this is “effective” or actually healing is entirely subjective, it seems. Some people swear that it’s possible to draw positivity into your life through crystal channels, others say it’s all a load of bologne. We’d certainly have to dedicate a lot more time to testing it out, if we wanted to put our two cents in!

For the purposes of beauty, however, we’re ready to tip our hats off to crystals now. I’ve seen the wonders Jade can do for face slimming, and there’s just no denying a good skincare product. If nothing else, they can help products absorb into your skin much better and are incredibly therapeutic to use. That’s healing too, right? So, here are 3 ways to use crystals in skincare routine. Starring Hima PH!


WHY IT WORKS: Known for its purifying powers, amethyst is the gemstone to pick up if you want to destress and embody peace. Fittingly, the stone roller helps un-tense facial muscles and smooth wrinkles.

HOW TO USE: After applying a layer of moisturizer or serum, gently massage the amethyst roller over your face. This reduces puffiness, detoxifies the lymphatic system, and increases blood circulation, all of which give you a radiant complexion.
TRY: Hima PH Amethyst Roller, P1,750


WHY IT WORKS: Known as the love stone, rose quartz is said to be good for rejuvenation and balancing emotions. In gua sha form, it’s ideal for targeted stimulation. Its compact shape allows you to tone your skin with precision.

HOW TO USE: To improve the appearance of your under-eye area, lightly press down and stroke the gua sha where your bags typically show. This helps the puffiness subside. For a more in-depth breakdown of how you can use this on your face, click here.
TRY: Hima PH Rose Quartz Guasha, P1,100


WHY IT WORKS: Known as a protector, selenite is said to instill a sense of peace and mental clarity, which makes it great for meditation. As a handheld wand, it’s good for massaging skin and stimulating circulation to speed up healing.

HOW TO USE: Roll the wand from your neck up, gently bringing it up to your face. Continue rolling it upwards and outwards. For areas under your eyes, between your brows, and around your mouth, use the wand tip as a roller.
TRY: Hima PH Selenite Wand, P1,150

So, would you be interested in bringing healing crystals into your skincare routine? Sound off in the comments section!

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