Ever wondered how models seem to look flawless in all their photos? You might think, well, it’s because they’re models. Taking selfies must come naturally to people who are pros in front of the camera—even when they’re off duty. But as a working model, I can personally attest to the fact that many times, things just don’t go our way. We have bad hair days, our eyes bear dark circles and get really puffy, and we certainly wake up with dry lips and dull locks, just like any other girl.

The good news is that being a model gives you access to experts. Over time, we rack up a lot of tips and tricks for taking photos. Who wants to be seen looking terribly awful on social media? Not me! That said, here are three easy tips for taking the best selfie of your life.


Always show off your best features and camouflage those you’re not too keen on. If you don’t like your chubby cheeks, angle your face and take a profile shot (translation: from the side). If you want to look slimmer, take your photos from a high angle. Avoid taking snaps from below, since low angles tend to add pounds, giving you a double chin that doesn’t even exist.


Natural light is the best light ever for taking photos. The sun’s rays will help you create that glowing, #PerfectSkin selfie you’ve always wanted. Now, some phone cameras can’t handle low light very well, so try to take your selfie facing a window so you catch a natural source of light—or at least face an artificial source of warm light, like a vanity mirror with yellow bulbs. Watch out for fluorescent white light, which tends to bring out any flaws in your skin! That’s why makeup artists have both yellow and white lights when doing your makeup! #BackstageSecret


Nothing beats confidence. Own your beauty, and people will admire you for it. It’s your selfie, girl—might as well work it.

To illustrate, here are some selfies I took just for BeautyMNL!


Though there are a lot of beauty apps that you can use to hide your zits and blemishes, these are not the long-term solution. Using the right skincare is what will really make your skin look smooth and glowing. Always remember to apply moisturizer, ladies! Moisturizer > makeup.


They say the eyes are the windows to the soul—which basically means they draw attention, and people. Whether you prefer to wear colored liners or classic mascara, defining your eyes will get you that perfect selfie smolder.


This would have to be my favorite trick! You know those times when you don’t want to put in too much effort and could care less about your look? A bold lip is the lazy girl’s best friend. Trust me, even on my bad days, a striking lip color instantly switches up my mood—and pumps up my selfies!

Selfies courtesy of Nikita McElroy