We hate to break it to your immortal ambitions, but every single human will one day wrinkle. Skin-aging begins as early as your mid-twenties, although the degree that it manifests depends on several factors, including genetics and environment. As the years pass, you’ll notice not only the formation of fine lines and deeper furrows but also coarseness, dullness, and sagging of the skin.
Now, aging is a natural, inevitable process, and we happen to think that aging gracefully is #goals. Having said that, we still want to pull a Dawn Zulueta and maintain our youthful glory for as long as possible (we’re only human, after all). The best way to do that is to slip anti-aging products into your daily skincare routine right now, even before you “need” them. Here’s how!


Regular moisturizers soften your skin and keep it smooth, while anti-aging moisturizers go a step further to actually support it. Seek out a formula like the Revitalift Laser X3 Day Cream, which falls under the L’Oréal Paris Dermo Expertise line. This potion is powered by three anti-aging superstars known for the way they strengthen the skin: Pro-Xylane, adenosine, and LHA.
Pro-Xylane improves the density of your skin, which tends to get thin, flimsy, and depressed as you age. Paired with adenosine, which paves away lines, the 3% Pro-Xylane in this cream helps plump the skin, diminishing the appearance of visible wrinkles. Rounding out the triumvirate is LHA, which stimulates cell renewal and minimizes pore size. What you’re left with in the end is a smooth, supple face with a good bounce to it.


Skin-aging will surface first on the most delicate areas of your skin—and no area is more delicate than the skin around your eyes. Using an eye cream day and night will allow you to hit three issues with one stone: sagging, puffing, and creasing. Now, the low-hanging fruit here is the matching Dermo Expertise eye cream—but don’t worry, we have better reasons than nepotism to recommend it.
Both millennials and their moms will love the Revitalift Laser X3 Anti-Aging Transforming Eye Cream for its nifty design and caffeine-infused formula. (Yup! Caffeine!) Like the day cream, this “transforming” eye treatment has 3% Pro-Xylane and adenosine. But it also contains caffeine, a secret weapon for tightening droopy skin and even de-puffing eyebags. The best part is the metal applicator of the tube: it gives you targeted application, an instant cooling effect, and gentle micro-circulation.
To recap: Day Cream + Eye Cream = Dream Team.

These two steps are just the basics, of course; there are night creams and neck creams and firming serums galore! But everybody starts somewhere, so we hope these morning switches (Step 1) and evening additions (Step 2) serve as your springboard to a full anti-aging routine.
Photos courtesy of L’Oréal Paris