Riddle us this: what do you get when you combine heat, humidity, downpours, pollution, and lunch at the food court? Body odor, that’s what—all kinds of body odor. Smelling like stuffy, sweat-soaked laundry or oily, oily food is inevitable any time of year. So, does that mean you’ll have to douse yourself in designer perfume? Nah.

When amoy araw (slash prito) strikes, there’s only one thing we reach for: the Delicious Hair & Body Sprays by Beauty Bakery.
True to their name, these organic mists are the ultimate fix when you’re feeling unfresh. Unlike run-of-the-mill colognes, these linger on your skin and locks for hours. The aloe vera in them refreshes your skin, moisturizes your hair, and invigorates your senses. There are 4 scents to choose from: classic Creamy Vanilla, crisp Fresh Strawberries + Green Tea, candy-like Sweet Pea & Vanilla Pod, and summery Watermelon. Trust us, one of them’s bound to become your signature!


If you’re smelling like a barn, spray this all over your body and clothes. It’ll cover up sweat and other environmental odors. Stuff it in your handbag and spritz generously throughout the day as needed.


Fun fact: scents last longer on your hair than on your skin. A couple pumps of this will rejuvenate your mane in a hot minute! Just hold the bottle a few inches away to avoid uneven drenching. Then spray-spray-spray and shake your fingers through your strands to disperse the scent.


Too much sun exposure? Feeling a little sleepy? Soothe your skin with a quick mist all over the face. The aloe-packed formula will refresh your complexion during every touchup. Just shut your eyes tight while you spray and you’re set!

Now, that’s what we call heaven-scent.

The Beauty Bakery Delicious Hair & Body Spray is available on BeautyMNL for P360. Shop it right here!

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