We love body spritzes and designer perfume—but even our best-smelling scents can turn stinky when intermingled with our body odor. Not to worry, beautiful! We’ve got 5 tips and tricks to improve your natural musk. Scroll down to see how you can smell your best from head-to-toe:


You are what you eat—and apparently, you emit what you eat, too. Garlic, onions, and other pungent flavors are good for you, but if eaten in excess, an unpleasant odor is released through your pores for hours after. To improve your natural scent, eat fruits and veggies to keep your body fresh. Ooh, why don’t you try a tall glass of greens?


Speaking of drinks, the same principles apply after having one too many cocktails—which explains why hangovers often have a signature scent. If there is anything you should be drinking plenty of, it’s water. It can flush out toxins and dilute odors still lingering in your system.


Hair holds onto scents like a sponge. Unless you keep that mane wrapped up at all times, there is little we can do to prevent it from happening. But no one has to know you’re working with a smelly, greasy mop. A dry shampoo can remedy the dilemma in a spritz. Just mist it all over your hair and work it into your scalp with your fingers.


A scented oil can make your everyday routine a little more luxurious. Apply it right after you towel off, when your skin is still damp. We use the Neutrogena Body Oil obsessively for a silky-smooth glow. It not only penetrates the skin more deeply than most lotions—it also has a subtle scent that lingers long after it is applied.


We don’t have to tell you that good hygiene is essential to smelling good—but what if your body wash could double as a fragrance as well? The potions from LUX can elevate your daily shower to a pampering experience. Take your pick from array of decadent liquid soaps that’ll leave you as fresh as a daisy from sun-up to sundown.

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