Even the most wonderful time of the year can have terrible consequences on your appearance. The stress of having so many things to do can get under a girl’s skin! If that sounds like your life right now, don’t worry. We’ve mapped out the most stressful holiday scenarios and how to conquer them, radiant complexion in tow. Our top recovery picks for every skin issue of the season, below!
THE ISSUE: Broken skin capillaries, A.K.A. red face
THE FIX: Aloe, arnica, and camellia

Festive parties day in and day out can have a huge toll on your skin. One too many drinks, and you’re left with a splotchy, red face. Not to say your drunken flush can’t look cute—just that it can lead to an irritated face. (You can thank the alcohol for messing with your blood vessels.)
To soothe the situation, give your face a good dose of aloe, arnica, and camellia. The calming properties found in these will nurse your hangover face back to health. TBH, you’re better off with rosy cheeks from your fave blush anyway. Sober up!

OUR RECOS: Pixi by Petra Glow Tonic (100ml), P990; Leiania House of Beauty Aloe Vera Gel + Green Tea, P525; Esfolio 100% Aloe Vera Gel Mist, P399
THE ISSUE: Oily, dehydrated skin
THE FIX: Moisture-boosting amino acids, vitamins, and minerals

Any whisper of drink-all-you-can and we are there. Even better with company you haven’t seen in forever! Cocktail-hour reunions are all so good, so sinful, and so very, very sweet.
But sadly, jacked-up sugar intake comes hand-in-hand with dehydrated skin. In fact, your body will try to make up for it by churning out more oil! Which is why we think non-drying clay masks and moisturizing serums make for great remedies. After removing the gunk and hydrating your parched skin, your face is back to fabulous!

OUR RECOS: Banila Co. Cooling Clay Mask, P695; V&M Naturals Tamarind Serum, P1,530; Dear Klairs Midnight Blue Activating Drop, P1,500
THE ISSUE: Hormonal imbalance and breakouts
THE FIX: Calming essential oils and a strong moisture barrier

People flock to holiday sales like moths to a flame. Plain and simple, there’s a sea of people in the malls and a sea of cars on the road. The surprise breakouts come later, when long lines and long hours to get from one place to the next have us at our wit’s end. Talk about seasonal stress!
So before the traffic and crazy commute gets to your head, it’s best to calm down with an essential oil. A handy tube with a relaxing scent will keep you cool and collected anytime, anywhere. Pair it with some pollution-fighting skincare and you’ve got a survival kit fit for the metro.

OUR RECOS: Pili Stress Away Oil Blend, P240; COSRX Honey Ceramide Moisture Cream, (on sale at P1,197); Water Angel Jellyfish Mask, P138
THE ISSUE: Acne flare-ups along the jaw and mouth
THE FIX: Snail mucin, Vitamin C, and BHA

Any last-minute gift shopper knows the struggle of finding a good present. And if you’re drawing blanks on what to get, things can get pretty taxing. Your skin is probably freaking out right alongside you, and now you’re suffering from stress-induced acne!
To keep those flare-ups under control, sneak in some snail mucin, vitamin C, and BHA. These nutrients and gentle acids help manage your skin while preventing pimples from scarring. Blemish-free beauty just in time for a holiday bash? Count us in.

OUR RECOS: Mizon All In One Snail Repair Cream (75ml), P1,200; Benton Aloe BHA Skin Toner, P800; COSRX Acne Pimple Master Patch, P180
THE ISSUE: Dark panda eyes
THE FIX: Brightening eye creams with hyaluronic acid and fruit extracts

Working long into the night? Too much of the same-old hustle will leave you with dark eyebags (panda eyes, if you want a cuter name). Whether you’re squeezing in work before a vacation or simply a workaholic, it’s time to attend to those under-eye circles.
Apart from a decent night’s rest, certain eye creams brighten your visage for the same effect. Hyaluronic acid and nourishing fruit extracts can improve tone and boost moisture under tired peepers. The result: a smize that lights up your selfies.

OUR RECOS: Innisfree Green Tea Seed Eye Cream, P1,070; Aloe Derma Wrinkle Eye Cream, P1,250; Farmstay Escargot Eye Cream + Toner, P690
THE ISSUE: A puffy, bloated face
THE FIX: Cooling masks and refreshing creams

There’s nothing like giving in to your holiday cravings. Whether you’re at a family gathering or a company party, the spread of junk food is inevitable. (Come on, this is the Philippines, where food is life!) Unsurprisingly, all the salt and gluten you ingest will come back to punish you.
To treat the bloated face that follows the binge, try masks and creams with anti-puffy ingredients. These include aloe, cucumber, snail mucin, and caffeine. Pro tip: Pop your products into the fridge before use. The super-cool boost will de-puff your swollen eyes and cheeks in a snap. Cheers to that!

OUR RECOS: Dermal Essence Cucumber Mask, P70; L’Oreal Paris Revitalift Laser Eye Cream, P995; Dewytree Gold Snail Eye Patch, P1,499

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