January: the beginning of the end of holiday boozing, binge-eating, and being too busy to workout. But while the holidays may be over, our bodies are reeling in the wake of the weeks-long revelries. Now, we’re just bloated, hungover, and bone-tired.

T’was a riot while it lasted—but we’re ready to press “reset” on our bodies. To kick off our health-related resolutions, we’re utilizing the help of these 5 tips to restore ourselves to the pink of health. Who’s with us?


We’ll be honest: our veggies have taken a backseat to the junk we’ve been piling on our plates. We’re without regrets, but it’s high time we re-introduce veggies into our lives. Eating just a little everyday or even knocking back a leafy powder with your water every morning will impact your body and your mood. Trust!
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We’ve told you before, but it bears repeating. Water is key to a happy and healthy body, especially when you’ve put it through weeks of binge-eating and boozing. It eliminates bloat while keeping things moving at a regular pace. Target 2 to 2.5 liters everyday. And, to remain on track, it might help to invest in a water bottle to bring everywhere with you!
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There’s no better time than post-holiday to take your probiotics. Besides helping regularize bowel movements, it may improve energy levels and prevent breakouts, too.Bifidobacterium and Lactobacillus are the ones to keep an eye on in particular. Bifidobacterium optimizes metabolic processes and Lactobacillus builds up immunity and battles “bad” bacteria.
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Kickstart the year with a refreshed exercise routine, or just resolve to move more. Research proves that even a quick workout will help heart and lung health. Take the long route home, tag along with an instructor-led video, or try a tube band workout to put you to work. It may be just the thing to banish the post-holiday bloat!
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Post-holiday exhaustion is as real as it is tough. Which is why taking it easy is imperative when transitioning back into your routine. Treat yourself: zen out and zone out by the beach, book a massage, or just prioritize your ZZZs. Even the latter will help you recuperate post-holiday. It won’t be long until you’re back in business.
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