For the average person, the weekend is designated for rest. For us? It’s an excuse to go all out with our beauty regimens. This usually involves adding a few extra steps to our evening routines—little luxuries we normally don’t have time for.

Now, a full weekend of pampering won’t come cheap. But you can replicate that spa effect with thrifty at-home treatments. All under P400, these Skin Genie products will spoil you rotten!

1. Genie In A Bottle, P250
PERFECT FOR: Multi-tasking

No myths here! Formulated for multiple benefits, this potent cream is basically bottled magic. It contains a blend of plant extracts that repair different types of skin damage, from wrinkles and dryness to acne and dark marks.

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2. Skin Genie Golden Unicorn Peel Off Mask, P350
PERFECT FOR: Purging blackheads

Even with a daily skincare routine in place, your face is bound to collect dirt. Nothing a good peel-off mask can’t fix, though! Made with plant-based extracts, this formula unclogs pores, brightens the complexion, and exfoliates dead skin cells. The result? Gold.

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3. Skin Genie Moisturizing Spritz Dry Oil, P200
PERFECT FOR: Head-to-toe hydration

No weekend spa sesh is complete without over-the-top moisturization. For silkier skin, switch out your lotion for a body oil. This particular blend is rich in antioxidants and has a dry formula, so it absorbs very quickly, especially post-shower. It works as a hair oil, too! Expect long-lasting hydration, noticeably supple skin, and less flyaways.

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4. Skin Genie Hair Spa Conditioner, P250
PERFECT FOR: A weekly hair treatment

Don’t limit the TLC to your skin. Your locks need lovin’, too—especially if you default to a wash-and-go on work days. As weekly maintenance, try this intensive conditioner. The botanical oils in it offer deep moisturization and impressive frizz control.

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5. Skin Genie Bye-Bye Bush Cold Sugaring Wax, P150
PERFECT FOR: Fuzz-free limbs

Save yourself the professional waxing fees and DIY instead! This cold sugar formula grips hairs tightly and removes them effortlessly. With continued use, it also lessens chicken skin and thins out growth. Et voilà! You’re smoother than a baby’s bottom.

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