So, you’ve visited your gynecologist and you finally found an explanation for your irregular menstrual cycles, acne, weight fluctuations, and other hormone issues. The answer: PCOS. But before you fly into a panic, you should know that you’re not alone in your condition—and it’s totally manageable.

Between better diets, lifestyle changes, and appropriate medication, there are plenty of work-arounds based on your personal needs. But if you don’t know where to start—take cues from the BeautyMNL team. Seven women, all with PCOS, with seven tips on handling it like boss!


1. DON’T OVEREXERCISE. Surely you can’t be too active, right? Frankie thought so, too, until her gyno told her otherwise. “I was in a varsity sports team in high school, so I was training a lot on top of going to the gym regularly,” she shares. “Since I was diagnosed, my doctor told me that overexercising could spike my androgen levels even more. What that means is PCOS symptoms like excess body hair, acne, and irregular periods shoot up, too.” Now, Frankie makes sure to do just enough to stay fit, with plenty of recovery time.

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2. TRY SPECIAL INGREDIENTS. Annicca started a diligent workout routine when she was diagnosed, which meant integrating more exercise-friendly ingredients into her diet. “Whenever I can, I try to drink a green smoothie with half a teaspoon of maca powder mixed in after my workouts,” she shares. “Not only does the stuff help with balancing hormones, it also speeds up muscle recovery and boosts stamina.” Be on the lookout for beneficial add-ons to your meals—they really make a world of difference!

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3. DITCH THE DAIRY. While the effects of dairy on acne is still being debated, lots of people have sworn that quitting it has cleared up their skin. “My gyno told me that milk products tend to have a lot of insulin-spiking lactose and additional hormones, which could explain my breakouts,” says Pam. “When I ditched dairy, my acne cleared up within a few months!”

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4. CARE ABOUT SKINCARE. If Lianne was particular about her skincare before, she got it down to a science after learning she had PCOS. “I really became more conscious of the products I use on my face and body,” she shares. “I’ve switched to gentler soaps, masks, and minimal makeup so my skin could breathe.” Once you think of skincare as healthcare, you’ll be crafting your own personalized routine, too.

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5. ADJUST YOUR MEAL SCHEDULE. Due to the elevated insulin levels in women with PCOS, an intense craving for sweets is a common side effect. Given this, Suzee makes it a habit to have breakfast. “Having a nutritious breakfast everyday helps curb my cravings,” she shares. “I make sure to never skip my bowl of overnight oats, because otherwise I’d snack like crazy.”

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6. CUT DOWN ON SUGAR. When you have PCOS, having too many sugary treats could destablize your hormones further. But quitting sugar full-stop is a difficult task, so Ayana opts for low-gylcemic alternatives instead. “I’m a sweet tooth, so I compromise by avoiding the processed stuff and reaching for options that don’t spike my blood sugar,” she explains. “Fruits, snacks made with coco sugar—they’re satisfying and nowhere near as bad for you!”

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7. ENJOY YOUR WORKOUTS. What do you do when you hate working out but your health depends on it? Erika found that the best go-around was to only do exercises she likes. “HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) is the only workout I actually enjoy, so it’s the only one I bother doing,” she says. “Whatever you do, just don’t force yourself to get active in a way that’s not true to you or your body. It really won’t work!”

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Do you have PCOS, too, and have tips to share? Tell us in the comments!

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