In a perfect world, bad hair days wouldn’t exist and blowouts would last forever. But let’s be real: not all of us can afford to have a glam squad at our beck and call, ensuring nary a strand is out of place. Fortunately, there’s always the next best thing: a styling secret weapon. These mane must-haves for all hair types will keep your mop well-behaved on the daily. Check them out below!


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Although straight hair requires the least amount of maintenance, an extra dose of smoothness and shine never hurt a girl. Give your hair a pick-me-up with Dove’s classic Straight & Silky Conditioner. Formulated with Micro Moisture Serum (which is so good, Dove patented it), this top-rated formula was made for good hair days. It nourishes brittle strands, tames unruly textures, and leaves your tresses sleeker and smoother with regular use.


Is there anything more glorious than a cascade of curls? Sadly, those soft and luscious locks can be easily damaged and weighed down without the proper care. That’s precisely what leaves you with a limp, non-uniform nest—also known as buhaghag. Bring body back to troubled curls with a rejuvenating treatment like the Cynos Argan Oil Bouncy Curl Cream. Its conditioning argan oil infusion hydrates and energizes your locks while detangling and adding definition. All it takes is a few pumps, some light scrunching action, and voilà! Instant oomph.


When it’s good, it looks gorgeous—in that easy, I-woke-up-like-this way. But combine unpredictable wavy hair with the humidity of Philippine temps and you’ve got a recipe for disaster. The good news? The award-winning Davines Oi / Oil Beautifying Potion exists. Frizz and flyaways are no match for this amazing blend, which uses UV-fighting roucou oil to tame all that unsightly fuzz. Work it into your waves to boost shine and smoothness, detangle knots, and fight damage with potent antioxidants.


It’s safe to say that the pixie is synonymous to cool-girl hair. Going short takes courage—and if you were brave enough to get the snip, well, we salute you! While your chop may not have the versatility of longer locks, you can still add volume and structure with a few strokes of styling wax. Tony & Guy’s Men Styling Pomade delivers great hold and a glossy finish for ultra-suave styles that stay put all day. It smells awesome, too.


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Switching up your hair color is the easiest way to transform your look. But too many trips to the salon can leave those strands dry and rebellious. That’s not a warning—that’s a fact! Keep color-treated hair in tiptop shape by maintaining its moisture levels post-shower. Our reco: Toni & Guy’s Glamour Serum Drops. This high-shine serum adds a sparkling sheen to dry and damaged strands, keeps frizz to a minimum, lends hair a delicate fragrance, and works well with other products without weighing locks down, so you can style your colored hair to your heart’s content!

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