And just like that, 2019 is coming to a close. With the new decade ringing in, it’s time to prepare for yet another new beginning—and make it your best year yet. Here are 4 simple ways to start the new year (and decade) with a bang.


Keeping your belongings neat and tidy can do wonders for improving your productivity. Not only will it save time looking for things, it can also calm the mind by having everything in order.

1. The Closet Space Savers Company Floral Cosmetic Cube Pouch, P350

This cute multipurpose cube pouch is perfect for your makeup essentials. It includes 2 inner pockets for easy storing.

2. The Closet Space Savers Company Travel Gadget Pouch, P250

This gadget pouch has everything to safely store your tech accessories such as chargers and cables. It has three in-set garter bands of different sizes, inner mesh zip pocket, and a separate pouch.

3. Always in Transit Teal Dotted Toiletry Pouch with Hanger, P390

Made of waterproof fabric, this travel organizer is perfect for storing cosmetic and toiletry items. It also comes with handy durable hook so you can easily hang it on shower door handles and towel racks.

4. Kera & Co Checklist Notepad, P75

Keep things in check with this nifty notepad. Jot down your grocery list or even your daily to-dos at work.


We get that sometimes, the healthy alternatives just doesn’t cut it like its original counterparts. If you can’t skip the snacks, the trick is not to overstuff ourselves. Always snack in moderation with ones you’ll truly enjoy.

1. Spud Buds Kettle Cooked Potato Chips Flat Cut (White Cheese), P70

Cheese and potato chip lovers will delight in these flavorful all-natural chips. It’s made with 100% handcrafted potatoes which are cooked in small batches to create that perfect crisp. Munch on its own or with your favorite dip.

2. Rose’s Kitchen Midnight Cacao Peanut Butter (100g), P145

This decadent peanut butter spread is blended with raw cacao nibs to give it a rich, chocolaty flavor. It’s packed with antioxidants, fiber, iron, and magnesium. Spread it on a loaf of bread, banana, or oatmeal!

3. Lifestyle Gourmet Dark Chocolate Granola (250g), P249

Who says that granola is a boring snack? This dark chocolate variant is made with whole rolled oats and crisped rice, and sweetened with coconut nectar and organic vanilla. It’s a good source of antioxidants and vitamin E. It also comes in a convenient resealable pack in case you want to save some for later!

4. Naturally Good Company Organic Chia Seeds (500g), P360

Chia seeds will give a nutritional boost to any food or drink you add it to. They’re loaded with antioxidants, fiber, protein, and omega-3 fatty acids! In fact, an ounce of these tiny warriors already provides 42% of your daily fiber needs. Mix it in your juice, sprinkle it on top of your sandwich.


Consider this small change an impactful one! Scents can play a big role on enhancing your life. Aside from boosting your mood, it has positive effects on improving the quality of your sleep and reducing stress.

1. FAVORI Vanilla 50ml Regular Reed Diffuser, P390

Put a spring in your step by scenting the air with this reed diffuser. It’s blended with non-harmful chemicals to keep your home or office away from unpleasant odors.

2. Happy Island Classic Sampler (3 2oz Travel Tins), P660

There’s something about lighting a candle that’s so soothing. Bring these candle samplers with you to the next time you go out of town!


It’s so easy to get lost in everything. One way to cope and de-stress is setting some quiet time for yourself to reflect. It can help in putting things in perspective.

1. Where To Next WTN Planner 2020: Coming, P730

Document your 2020 story with this aesthetically pleasing planner. It comes with a brown leatherette cover and a belt lock. There’s also a dedicated interactive page where you can write your life story, too.

2. Where To Next The Starting Point Journal, P950

This beautiful journal is filled with prompts designed to give clarity on what to do in life. This includes weekly reflections, a space for creating your self-care routine, a letter to your future self, and tips on how to shop with intention and communicate with compassion.

3. Invitation House Boxed Folded Notecard, P595

It’s never too late to express your love to those you love. This year, start writing more personalized notes for them with these pretty notecards. It’s perfect for birthdays, celebrations, or even just to say thanks.

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