When the going gets rough, all you need is intensive self-pampering and a solid Netflix binge. Or better yet, do both at the same time! For all your stress-busting needs, we rounded up 5 low-effort beauty practices you can do in the comfort of your couch, with our best TV recos to match. Netflix and chill just took on a whole new meaning. Scroll!


WHAT TO WATCH: Midnight Diner: Tokyo Stories

Coming home from a long day at work and a rough commute? Hunker down with a sheet mask and tune in to Netflix’s slow-paced original Midnight Diner. It’ll give your fatigued brain and overexposed complexion a much needed break. While your skin marinates under the cold serum-soaked mask, you can zone out to charming Japanese folks discussing life over steaming bowls of soup, at a diner that opens only past midnight. By the time you finish an episode, the sheet mask and light-hearted storytelling will have melted all your stress away.

TRY: My Scheming Gold Moisturizing Black Mask, P150, Leaders InSolution Mediu Amino Lifting Mask, P94


WHAT TO WATCH: Russian Doll

Facial rolling is all the rage in skincare these days, and for good reason. It stimulates healthy blood circulation, boosts elasticity, and flushes out toxins through your lymphatic system, all with minimal effort on your part. And the perfect flick to go with it? Try Russian Doll. It’s everything you’d expect from a TV show starring Natasha Lyonne: funny, mind-bending, and just the right amount of vulgar. It can get a bit tense, but don’t worry—the facial rolling should keep any stressful emotions in check.

TRY: Modern Rituals Amethyst Facial Roller, P1,400, Chi Beauty Jade Roller, now on sale at P1,299 (limited time only)



There’s never a bad time to watch Queer Eye, but pair that with a deep-conditioning hair mask (and maybe a nightcap—wine, anyone?) for a DIY Fab Five treatment. With the summer humidity kicking in, your locks deserve extra attention. Go for a formula that contains intensive conditioning ingredients, such as coconut or Argan oil. Sure, it’s not a JVN-level makeover, but it’s probably the closest some of us will ever get. Don’t forget to keep some Kleenex on hand for when the waterworks start.

TRY: Stylista Hair Essentials Coconut Hair Mask, now on sale at P249 (limited time only), Beauty Bakery Choco Chip Mint Nourishing Hair Mask, P410


WHAT TO WATCH: Patriot Act

Not everyone’s into politics, but everyone is into comedy and Patriot Act combines both in a way nobody else seems to be doing. If you’re ready to get schooled on everything from civil rights to hip hop, bump up this show to the top of your list. But before you get into it, make sure you have something stimulating to do while you watch. We suggest some light facial massage with your favorite beauty oil. (Rosehip is our go-to!) Not only will it relax tense facial muscles, smoothen out wrinkles, and alleviate bloat, it’ll keep you alert enough to keep up with Hasan Minhaj’s witty, fact-fueled sets.

TRY: Miju Glow Rosehip Oil, P345, Skin Revolution Olive + Jojoba Beauty Oil, now on sale at P350 (limited time only)


WHAT TO WATCH: RuPaul’s Drag Race

When it feels like our skin needs a restart, putting on a clay mask is our first instinct. But if you need the extra TLC, kick it up a notch with multi-masking. All you have to do is apply different types of masks on different parts of your face, depending on your concerns. This helps treat multiple skin issues at once. We know it seems excessive, but pair it with a RuPaul’s Drag Race marathon, and you’ll see what “extra” really looks like. Yas queen!

TRY: Skin Revolution Bentonite Mineral Mud Mask, now on sale at P480 (limited time only), The Face Shop Jeju Volcanic Lava Pore Mud Pack, P795

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