In 1976, Benefit decided to transform everyone’s brow game and the world never looked back. Today, they’re the most recognizable brand when it comes to brow-boosting products, each one earning “cult fave” status within the beauty community. And just when we thought Benefit had reached its peak, they’ve decided to bust out the The Great Brownanza—AKA the brow set to end all brow sets.
This 7-piece collection gathers five of Benefit’s best-selling brow products, rounding it out with two PRO tools for good measure. At retail price, the set comes out to a whopping P9,100 in Benefit signatures, but its bundle price only amounts to P3,500. Essentially, you’d only be paying a third of what you’d be spending on these goodies if you picked them up individually. Plus, it even comes in a gorgeous, limited edition box that opens up like a mini wardrobe. We don’t know about you, but we can’t remember the last time a beauty set was this sulit. It’s bang after bang for your buck!
So, what exactly does The Great Brownanza come with, and just what do you do with all of it? A lightning-quick unboxing and some hot tips, below!


(1) Brow Mapping Tool: A Benefit original that guides you in carving out perfect, symmetrical brows, just like a brow master. TIP: Line up the BASE end with the bottom of your nose. Hold the mapping tool vertically until it intersects with your brow. This is your “brow start.” Next, tilt the tool until you hit the highest point of your brow. This is your “arch.” Lastly, tilt the tool until it hits the outer corner of your eye. This is your “brow end.” Lightly mark each point with the Goof Proof Brow Pencil and use this as a guide to filling in the rest of your brows. (1) Goof Proof (Full Size): A dual-ended wand with a wedge-tip, non-sharpen pencil and spoolie brush. Delivers buildable, waterproof color within seconds. TIP: Once you’ve mapped your brows, use the pencil tip to define your brow start, arch, and end. Fill in your brows using gentle strokes. Blend in with the spoolie end. (1) Ka-Brow! (Full Size): A richly pigmented brow tint with a buildable cream-gel formula. Ultra long-lasting. Ideal for bolder brows or filling in sparse tails. TIP: Start with a small amount of the product as it’s super pigmented. Build it up as desired. Fill in brows using short, even strokes. (1) Brow Zings (Full Size): A travel-friendly wax and powder duo for both sharp or feathered brows. Includes mini slant tweezers and a dual-sided extendable applicator. TIP: With the tweezers, pluck stray hairs around the brow area for a polished look. Lightly fill in sparse areas with the darker wax color. If necessary, set it with the powder. (1) Gimme Brow+ (Full Size): A brow-volumizing tinted gel with tiny microfibers that create full, defined brows with a natural finish. Water-resistant and long-wearing. TIP: Be sure to disperse excess product back into the tube to avoid using too much at once. Run the browcara wand through your brow hairs until they’re sufficiently coated. (1) Angled Eyebrow Brush & Spoolie-Brush: A dual-ended brush that lets you apply product precisely and blend out pigment. (1) High Brow (Full Size): A buttery, linen-pink highlighting pencil that gives your brows (and eyes!) a youthful, brightening lift. TIP: Apply just under the arch of your brow and blend out. P.S. If you can’t imagine using these up all by your lonesome, you can always split the costs with a few brow-obsessed friends. Go get those savings, girl! The Benefit Great Brownanza is available on BeautyMNL for P3,500. Shop it right here!

Photos and video by Kathy Austria.

Music: Energy by Benjamin Tissot

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