Oh, how we love a tried-and-tested product—especially when it’s got the celeb stamp of approval. In her column last week on The Philippine Star, Lucy Torres-Gomez gave some practical skincare suggestions to a pimple-prone reader looking for a solution to frequent zits. And yes, she named names!

“Try out the Promise Trecurase Kit,” Lucy wrote back. “It is a four-step skincare system that treats, cures, and erases acne and the scars it leaves.
As you’ve probably guessed, “Trecurase” is a portmanteau of the words Treat, Cure, and Erase. The kit features four products: the Tea Tree Soap, the Acne Cure Toner, the Pore Correct Solution, and the Scar Erase Cream. Together, this acne-fighting quartet transforms pockmarked, pimply skin into a smoother, clearer canvas.

Here’s Lucy’s explanation: “The anti-bacterial cleansing bar is made with tea tree oil and works very well at keeping pimples at bay. The two toners and the cream work synergistically with the soap to give you clear skin by preventing and treating pimples, removing excess oil and dirt, eliminating harmful bacteria, reducing redness and inflammation.” Apparently, this stuff works on both teenaged and adult acne.
The cherry on top? Promise is a Filipino brand that offers its products at very friendly prices. Think about it this way: the full Trecurase Kit will cost you roughly the same amount you would spend for a mere consultation with a good dermatologist! “And those who have tried it love it and keep going back for more,” in the Lucy’s own words. So maybe that’s why her skin looks so perfect all the time…

The Promise Trecurase Kit is available at 10% OFF on BeautyMNL for a limited time at P1,256 (original price: P1,395). Shop it right here.

Excerpts from “The Promise of acne-free skin,” originally published on The Philippine Star and used with permission of Lucy Torres-Gomez. Photos courtesy of Promise (Instagram: @promise.ph).

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