If you visit BeautyMNL regularly, you probably know what the BGC Instant Weight Loss Package is. Made by Roarganics, it promises to help people lose up to 1 kilo per day—or in the instance of our friend Anku Chibb, about 9 kilos in 1 month. The 4-week-long program does away with starchy foods and sugar and utilizes the power of Barley Grass Powder and Green Coffee Extract (BGC)—which both help increase the metabolism and surprisingly, keep you full.
Putting it plain and simple, it works! You will miss rice and your daily glass of wine. But those who’ve done the diet promise it’s well worth the sacrifice. Don’t believe us? Just take it from these 3 beauties, who’ve lost over 15 pounds in just 3 weeks! Below, read about Jerrica, Theresa, and Lei’s experience respectively, as told to the BeautyMNL team.


STARTING WEIGHT: 67.2kgs./148.1lbs.
I’m a 23-year-old woman with a busy lifestyle. I work as a full-time event coordinator, and part-time as an online English tutor. Food was my stress reliever and I had no time for the gym. I discovered the BGC diet when I saw my friend’s post on Facebook saying it can help people “lose weight in 3 weeks.” That’s when I decided to try it out for myself.
At first, I was really hesitant about it because I would be replacing my meals with a smoothie. I was afraid I would feel hungry or worse, dizzy because I would be working at the same time. But I was wrong. Drinking a smoothie was like eating a normal meal. Even better, I lost 1kg. on my second day!

On my first week, I started to have cravings. This made the program a challenge. But when I saw the results, I already lost about 3kgs.—which was all the motivation I needed. I said to myself, “Besh, tyaga lang.” So, I powered through and relied on unsalted nuts and lots of water to ease the cravings and keep my stomach happy.
Thankfully, the second week was much better than the first. The cravings lessened, and I didn’t feel as hungry. While my weight loss slowed down, I felt lighter and more energized. I also decided to add at least 1 hour of Zumba to my everyday routine—and ate 2 boiled eggs for breakfast to sustain the extra energy for my exercise.
On my last week, I can say it was a success—I’m now 59.8kgs. My tummy was visibly smaller and my legs were tighter, plus my double chin was gone. Overall, it was definitely something I didn’t expect, but it really works! Just focus, commit, and you’ll get what you deserve!
END WEIGHT: 59.8kgs./131.8lbs.


STARTING WEIGHT: 76.05kgs./167.6lbs.
I love the BGC diet! I followed it for 3 weeks and went from 76.8kgs. to 69.9kgs. Maybe I lost so much weight because I was sick during one week. But in spite of this, I still faithfully followed the program everyday like a prayer. And I really saw results! I lost unwanted water weight and fat, and couldn’t be any happier. While it can be challenging to follow for a few weeks, I can say that the BGC is worth the final effort.
END WEIGHT: 69.60kgs./153.4lbs.


STARTING WEIGHT: 65.6kgs./144.6lbs.
Before starting the BGC Diet, I was a breastfeeding mom and a full-time housewife. It’s never easy for me to get regular exercise since I have to take care of my 2-year-old daughter. But I decided to commit myself to this meal replacement program, even if I wasn’t sure it would work.
As per the instructions, I drank my daily smoothies at 8AM, 11:30AM, 4PM, 7PM, and 10PM, while taking 1 full meal per day. This wasn’t a problem for me because the smoothies taste great, but I usually add 1 more banana to make it sweeter. After just one week on the program, I lost 2kgs., plus my stomach looked smaller than before.
In the second and third weeks, I struggled with cravings but I satisfied them by eating either a banana or a hard-boiled egg which helped. I also started incorporating easy, 30-minute workouts that focused on my core. This help me drop my weight down to 63kgs., which I was really happy about.
At the end of the program, I lost a total of 5kgs. While my double chin is still there, I don’t look like I did before: my stomach is smaller and I feel better about myself. I would recommend this to lactating moms, who have a hard time losing weight like me. With a little sacrifice and some exercise, you can lose 5kgs. in a short period of time, too!
END WEIGHT: 60.3kgs./132.9lbs.

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DISCLAIMER: Consult your physician before engaging in this diet.

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