For many of us, losing weight is no easy task. Making lifestyle changes and sacrifices is only the beginning. Being consistent is equally important—which can be a challenge itself.

These were the sentiments of Rikki Mae Davao, who shared her ongoing weight loss story with us. In an exclusive interview with BeautyMNL, she talks about how she started, the challenges, what helped her, and practical advice too.


The decision to commit to a healthier lifestyle began when Rikki got the results from her annual medical. That’s when she found out that she had health problems such as fatty liver and GERD. “Those are things that you usually get when you’re a certain age, and I’m only 27,” she shares.

Rikki also recently went to the U.S. for vacation. There, she was able to try different healthy options that were not easily accessible in the Philippines. She liked it, and decided to continue it when she got home.


Admittedly, the journey hasn’t been easy for Riki. This included having to try out different gyms and meal plans, and figuring which ones were sustainable for her. It has been six months so far, and it’s the longest period that she stayed committed to a healthier lifestyle. Even if there are days when she slips up, it doesn’t stop her.

One challenge, she says, is breaking bad habits such as snacking while watching Netflix. “The way people lose weight is not really a big secret. We all know that we need to exercise and eat right. The biggest challenge is to be consistent,” she says.


Three months in her weight loss journey, Rikki wanted to get results a little bit faster. That’s when her mom, Jackie Lou Blanco, introduced her to the Roarganics’ BGC Weight Loss Blend.

The taste was something that differentiated it from other similar weight loss drinks. “What I like about the BGC blend is that it doesn’t taste bad. I’ve tried different types of drinks before that you kind of have to stomach it. But this one, the team was telling me that I might have to adjust because it’s something new that you’re bringing in. I just drank it like juice,” she shares.

The BGC blend also helped her adjust to intermittent fasting. When she first started, she would get dizzy in the middle of the day because she wasn’t used to not eating in the morning. After drinking the BGC blend, it became easier for her to fast. “It helped me not feel hungry and become more energetic,” she says.

So, how does the BGC Weight Loss Blend work? It is a green pre-mixed powder that contains natural metabolism-boosting ingredients such as Green Coffee Extract and Garcinia Cambogia Extract. Stevia is used to naturally sweetens the blend without affecting blood sugar levels. The blend also contains Barley Grass Powder, which has detoxifying properties and promotes healthy gut bacteria. “Aside from being a meal replacement, I feel content that it’s also addressing other issues for me,” Rikki shares.


Ever since she started making healthier lifestyle changes six months ago, Rikki lost about 10-15 pounds. When she started Roarganics in January, she lost two pounds in the first week. She lost an additional two pounds in the second week.

Rikki also discovered and eventually enjoyed CrossFit. The intensive workouts made her gain more muscle and as a result, she stopped weighing myself and started taking inches. So far, she’s been losing about 1-2 inches a week.


When asked about who supported her the most, Rikki shares that it was her parents, Jackie Lou Blanco and Ricky Davao. She shares that when she first started, she was at her biggest, which was about 200 pounds. And she knew that her family was starting to notice it.

“I think my family was waiting for me to wake up. At the end of the day, it has to be me who will make the effort in doing something about it. I’m not yet there; I’m in the middle of my journey. But so far, the support from my parents helped me continue,” she says.


Rikki’s advice is simple: Just start, see what you like, and adjust along the way. “It’s not really a one size fits all thing,” she advises.

She shares that starting itself can get overwhelming. With determination and the right support system, along with the proper diet and workout routine, it can pay off.

Even if Rikki is still in the middle of her weight loss journey, the journey definitely looks promising for her.

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