Thanks to self-care devotees like Demi Lovato and Emma Watson, we’re convinced that 2018 will revolve around this runaway wellness trend. In case you missed it, we previously defined self-care as “making time for yourself to focus on things that boost your happiness and health”—be it physically, emotionally, or psychologically. Self-care comes in various forms, like attending yoga classes, grabbing a drink with a friend after a long shift, or even taking up a new hobby. But to us beauty geeks, it means grooming ourselves to ensure we look and feel good.
If you’re super busy or simply broke, there’s a big chance that you neglect yourself—and that’s exactly what self-care is meant to fix. Don’t worry, with careful planning and strategic deal-shopping, you can easily build habits that stick. (No bank-breaking required!) Below, find a helpful calendar to keep track of your self-care to-dos.


GET IT: Once a month

Tip: Facials help speed up cellular turnover: the shedding of dry, dead skin cells to reveal fresh, glowing skin. By taking dirt and oil away, facials give you that clean slate you need. They also ensure your skincare products work more effectively in the long run.


GET IT: Every 4-8 weeks

Tip: Regular cuts guarantee beautiful, tangle-free hair and healthy growth. Though they don’t necessarily make your hair grow faster, trims do rid you of dryness, damaged texture, and split ends.


GET IT: Every 2-3 months

Tip: Sulfates strip away the vibrance and moisture of color-treated hair, making it fade faster. To maintain your color for longer, use sulfate-free shampoo and conditioner.


GET IT: Every 6 months

Tip: Daily use of mousse or styling serum will extend the life of your curls. These products help control frizz and maintain your curl pattern, too!


GET IT: Every 6 months

Tip: Do not wash your hair for 3-5 days after a rebond to allow the solution to seep into your strands. Slightly gross, we know—but it’s a small sacrifice to make for long-lasting straight hair.


GET IT: Every 3-4 weeks

Tip: Compared to shaving, waxing extends the regrowth period of those pesky hairs. It’s even possible to experience reduced hair growth with habitual waxing.


GET IT: Every 2-4 weeks

Tip: Growing your brows out before your appointment makes it easier to shape them. It’s a foolproof way to match the exact brow peg you’re going for.


GET IT: Every 1-2 weeks for regular polish or every 2-4 weeks for gel polish

Tip: A pop of color can instantly elevate your tips and toes from plain Jane to perfect 10. But be sure to give your nails a breather with nail care treatments between mani-pedis. This will save you from thinning nail beds and yellowish discoloration.


GET IT: Every 1-2 weeks

Tip: Besides deeply cleansing and exfoliating your feet, foot spas or massages can regulate your stress levels. Call them an antidote for tired souls, if you will.


GET IT: Every 4 weeks

Tip: Refrain from waxing, plucking, or threading the lasered area in between sessions. These hair removal methods all pull out hair from the roots, and that makes the laser less effective.

Time to book your next appointment and make those good habits stick!

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