Maintaining a healthy lifestyle isn’t easy. So whenever we need a push in the right direction, we look towards celebrities as inspiration—and not just any celebrities, mind you. We’re talking A-listers that promote a lifestyle that’s as safe as it’s practical.
Are you ready for major inspo? 7 local celebs and how they live a healthy and happy lifestyle, ahead!


In an IG post, Anne Curtis-Smith credits her weight loss to an intensive workout regimen and a vegetarian-keto eating plan. Anne confesses it wasn’t easy, though. To keep herself motivated, Anne not only has to remain patient, the actress indulges in what she “[loves] to eat” on the weekends. Although we’re not certain what she eats, we love the practice in healthy moderation.

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No matter how jam-packed Isabelle Daza’s calendar is, she makes it a priority to workout. Whether it’s a strength training session with Arnold Aninion, interval training, or cycling, she never stops moving! Of course, Isabelle isn’t always wanting to workout. And when she isn’t, she just reminds herself she “will never regret a workout”—advice we can all use when we’re lazy.

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There are people who prefer to workout alone, while others prefer it with a partner. If you’re in the latter camp, take after Lovi Poe who likes to make her workouts a communal activity. Alongside the equally active Rhian Ramos, the celebrities planked, lunged, and crunched their way through a tough workout with high energy. Proof a workout is more enjoyable with pals.


Once seen only as a phase, yoga has proven itself a mainstay in healthy living—especially amongst celebrities. And while Bianca King and Bubbles Paraiso are long-time yogis, they certainly aren’t the only ones. Maxene Magalona has taking a liking to the practice, crediting the physical and mental workout towards living an overall healthy and happy lifestyle.

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Although Joey Mead King maintains a regular yoga practice, the TV host practices meditation in equal measure. According to a recent Instagram post, meditation provides her a “mental cleanse and clarity.” And in our modern world of worries and uncertainties, mental health is just as important as physical health. In other words: we require peace of mind more than ever.


It’s no mystery Solenn Heussaff is the epitome of health, with her current workout routine including a variety of exercises. Recently, however, we observed Solenn has taken up the martial arts, Muay Thai. Although the martial arts practice will improve your appearance, it’s also enjoyable. Which is why it’s important to pick workouts you love—and will continually endure.


If there’s one celebrity who knows the pressures of having to look perfect, it’s Jessy Mendiola. “I starved myself just to lose unwanted weight to look perfect,” Jessy wrote on Instagram. “I was so unhappy.” Now, however, Jessy is considering a new approach: she maintains clean eating habits and works out as an act of love—which, if you ask us, makes excellent motivation.

Photos via Instagram: @lovipoe, @annecurtissmith, @isabelledaza, @whianwamos, @maxenemagalona, @joeymeadking, @solenn, @senorita_jessy

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