Not everyone is blessed with super long, naturally volumized, and nicely curled lashes. I always need the help of my lash curler and mascara on a day-to-day basis to get that dolled-up eye look. I’m used to it…but it is extra work.

So imagine my giddiness when I got the chance to try out a “lash lift” and “semi-permanent mascara.” Yup, you read that right—Permanent Makeup Manila (the same place where I got my brows tattooed offers this very service! The Lash Lift & Semi-Permanent Mascara Treatment is an easy procedure that leaves you with pumped-up lashes. Depending on how well you care for them, these lashes can last for up to 6 to 8 weeks! Imagine waking up every day looking like a doll. Sigh.

Let me take you through exactly what happened during my appointment with founder Pauline Ylaya.


STEP 1: Cleanser. To start, my lashes and entire eyelid were gently and thoroughly cleansed.
STEP 2: Lash Rod: This tube-like mold was placed over my lashes. Then, my lash hairs were wrapped over it one by one.
STEP 3: Under-eye Lash Tape. This tape was applied underneath my lashline to ensure my lower lashes didn’t get caught up with my top lashes.

STEP 4: Lotion. With my lashes now “stuck” to the rod, the curling/lifting lotion was generously applied to create a strong curl and seal the shape in place.
STEP 5: Cooking. For a few minutes, my lashes were left to “cook” with the lotion. By “cook,” of course, I mean they were given the chance to absorb the product and settle into their new lifted state.
STEP 6: Removal of Rod. After cooking, the rod was very gently removed. It doesn’t hurt, don’t worry!
STEP 7: Semi Permanent Mascara. To finish, a special setting mascara was brushed over my lashes. This was done slowly and carefully to avoid any clumping. (Ignore my brows! I was having this treatment done at the same time.)
Here is a before and after:
My verdict? I absolutely LOVED this procedure. My new lashes bring so much life to my face! Even without eyeshadow or liner, I still look fresh and wide-awake! I definitely recommend it to anyone with short lashes (or a lazy streak when it comes to mascara).

Permanent Makeup Manila is located at 3/F Madison Galeries, Don Jesus Blvd, Alabang Hills, Muntinlupa. All procedures are done by Pauline Ylaya. There are limited slots per day. Kindly book an appointment in advance so Pauline can accommodate you properly. For more information, visit the Permanent Makeup Manila Website here.

Photos and video by Say Artillero