First impressions last, which is why you should always look your best when attending a job interview. The biggest mistake that people make is probably going too glam. But you don’t need to go all out—just enhance your natural features so you look polished, put-together, and professional. Here’s what I would do:

Here are the products I used to create this look:


STEP 1: Start with primer. This will keep your makeup perfectly intact as you wait your turn for that interview. I’ve chosen to use Banila Co. Prime Primer Matte for this look because in addition to extending the wear of your products, it controls shine, too!
STEP 2: Wear just enough foundation. I wouldn’t use anything you haven’t worn before—tried-and-tested is best for important days! Go for a foundation that gives you the exact coverage that you need, whether that’s sheer or full. I sometimes have acne, dark spots, and unevenness in my skin tone, so I like a good medium coverage foundation like NYX Stay Matte But Not Flat Foundation. I use the shade Nude. Make sure you blend everything, not just on your face but also on your neck.
STEP 3: Set with powder. This is a crucial step especially if you have oily or combination skin. But even if you have normal or dry skin, setting also helps lock your makeup in place so it doesn’t move around in the course of the day. For this step, I just went for NYX’s matching Stay Matte by Not Flat Powder, also in the shade Nude.
STEP 4: Put your brows on. Before the big day, have your brows groomed so you can fill them in easily. I wanted natural-looking brows for this look—nothing too fierce or statement-making. So I decided to use my newest toy: the Cushion 3D Brow by Banila Co. This brow color has a pomade-like consistency and comes in push-cushion packaging so you can control the amount of product you use. The shade I got is Natural Brown—it’s super blendable and a little goes a long way.
STEP 5: Consider natural eye makeup. Most people would skip eyeshadow for a job interview, but I think neutral, illuminating shades make you look really approachable. I used the L’Oréal Paris La Palette Nudes in Nude Rose for this tutorial. Contour your crease with a taupe shade, apply a soft wash of peach on the center of your lids, and highlight the inner corners of your eyes with a shimmery pearl. You’d be amazed at how much more awake this will make you look!
STEP 6: Curl your lashes and apply mascara. Do this even if you skip the previous step! It just makes everything look finished.
STEP 7: Color and contour your cheeks. Just don’t overdo it! I used the Natural Contour Powder by Pixi underneath my cheekbones—this is a nice, subtle product for adding depth and dimension. Then I dusted City Color’s Natural Glow Blush in Red Carpet Diva over my cheeks—it’s a soft, summery peach. Not too much, okay? The keyword is natural.
STEP 8: Wear a work-friendly lipstick. My choice: L’Oréal Moist Matte Lipstick in Maple Mocha. It’s a sophisticated yet discreet mocha shade that totally seals the deal.
Now that you’ve got your face on, all you need to do is ace that interview. Good luck, girls!

Photos and video by Say Artillero