In the Philippines, white rice is everywhere. From the satisfyingly cheap meals at the office carinderia to your comfort home-cooked meals. So to give up this diet staple is a challenge. Cue in one of the most memorable movie quotes of all time, “I wish I knew how to quit you.”

For those who on a diet, limiting your white rice intake is a good step. This is because white rice is considered as “empty carbs”. Unlike brown rice, it is stripped of its bran and germ, which are rich sources of fiber and nutrients. It’s also a refined carbohydrate and has a higher glycemic index so it gets digested and processed into sugar quicker.
Good news! There are healthier alternatives out there that you can use in your favorite rice meals. Don’t know where to start? Below, a cheat sheet on these non-white rice substitutes!
BMNL’S PICK: Farm to Folk Organic White Adlai (1kg), P370

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BMNL’S PICK: SOZO Natural Shirataki Rice (270g), now on sale at P118 (limited time only)

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BMNL’S PICK: The Healthy Choice Super Foods Quinoa & Berry Rice Blend with Buckwheat (500g), now on sale at P280 (limited time only)

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BMNL’S PICK: Wholly Grains Sorghum Grains (1kg), P170

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