Trying to make your dark under-eye circles disappear? Easier said than done. Ask anyone dealing with their panda eyes and you’ll know that eye creams don’t always seem to do the job. But we have to ask: is it really the eye cream? Actually, the amount of time and effort put into using a product is a huge factor, too. Because let’s be real—sometimes, there is no “quick fix”. And in the case of under-eye circles and eye cream, consistency is key to the see the results you want. To prove it, we took it upon ourselves to do just that: 30 days of religious eye cream application to see what it can do fo your eye bags. Take a look!


Benefit It’s Potent! Eye Cream, P2,250

For this 30-day test, we decided to go with a clear office favorite: Benefit’s It’s Potent! Eye Cream. Made with a special peptide complex, this formula easily boosts elasticity and firmness to counter major baggage on the under-eye area. Not only that, it’s also packed with hydrating botanical extracts that’ll help brighten dark circles and de-bloat puffiness with consistent use. Just the formula we need!

To apply, simply dip your finger into the pot and apply a small amount of eye cream onto your under eyes. Then, glide your finger in a lifting motion moving inside out, gently spreading the product until it sinks into the skin. Alternatively, you can also work the product in with a cool jade roller to help minimize puffiness. (Or y’know, in case you’re feeling extra fancy.)

Here, Eunice from the BeautyMNL office will be testing out the product for a month and apply the product regularly as part of her nightly skin routine. From there, she’ll be recording her observations weekly and share her thoughts on the product and overall experience.

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EUNICE SAYS: “I think my under-eye circles are dark because of my regular sleep cycle. I usually get around 4-5 hours of sleep. I’m lucky if I get 7-8 hours. Apart from that, I would also say it looks kind of puffy. Parang, “Namamaga ba?” That’s what people say when they would approach me.

The first thing I noticed was that it’s lightweight. Definitely not heavy on the eyes. It’s also not sticky and quickly sinks into the skin. This is actually my first time to try an eye cream, but I heard that this one from Benefit is great for lightening and reducing puffiness for eye bags.


EUNICE SAYS: “I didn’t see any results, but I did feel it working. It was more of the experience, like how it feels fresh when I wake up in the morning. My eyes don’t feel as tired and it feels refreshing kahit puyat ka. Usually my eyes would feel heavy, but after this week it feels like I slept well. Like I’m well rested.


EUNICE SAYS: “I’d say that my dark circles lightened a bit, the outer corners especially. As for puffiness, it seems like it’s gradually reducing but I think it’s too soon to tell. I’ve also been applying this during the day to give my under eyes that extra push.


EUNICE SAYS: “Right now, it looks more or less the same. I feel guilty because I’ve been working late nights so it’s like the effects were reversed. I’m not giving the eye cream a fair chance since it has to work harder. That said, I can already tell that the eye cream works for me, though I’m sure the results would be much more visible with enough rest in my system.


EUNICE SAYS: “Not only did I notice a difference, but people shared that they saw a difference, too. And while you can still see that it’s not completely gone, you can really tell that it’s not as puffy and dark anymore.


EUNICE SAYS: “What I liked most was how refreshing the cream felt whenever applied and how it actually lightened the corners of my under eye area. What could be better, I think, is the packaging. It can be improved. It would be nice to have a spatula so that it’s more hygienic when you’re getting product from the jar. Though all in all, I would continue using this. I think it’s a good first eye cream! It really sets the bar high.

Think this will do the same for your eyebags? Let us know in the comments, below!

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