The rise of specialty coffee in recent years have made us appreciate how complex and multifaceted the drink can be. But there will be days when you are just too busy to prepare a freshly brewed java or even order your go-to drink at the nearest coffee shop, it’s easy to fall back into a simpler and easier option: instant coffee.
After all, instant coffee was probably the first type of coffee we ever tried. For many of us, it has also helped survive through trying times—from studying for college finals to working overtime at the office. It’s cost-efficient and convenient to make—simply add hot water and stir!
Recently, instant coffee has gotten a bad rep of being unhealthy compared to its more freshly brewed counterparts. Studies show, however, that while instant coffee may have less amount of caffeine and contain more acrylamide than regular coffee, it still provides the same health benefits. These benefits include improved brain function and mental health, plus an increase in metabolism. It also helps reduce the risk of diabetes and neurodegenerative diseases such as Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s.

So, when the time comes when you need the quickest and easiest source of caffeine, don’t hesitate to reach for the instant coffee. And if you want to upgrade your instant caffeine fix, here are 3 instant coffee options to check out. Scroll below!
1. Kaffea Healthy Coffee Blend Kaffea Coffee Drink Mix with Coco Sugar (1kg), now on sale at P675 (limited time only)

PERFECT FOR: Those who prefer their coffee on the lighter side.

TASTE: Compared to most instant coffee mixes, Kaffea Coffee isn’t as cloying. It tastes like instant coffee that’s creamy that’s not overpoweringly sweet.

This 10-in-1 coffee is rich in antioxidants and essential minerals such as agaricus mushroom, ganoderma, grape seed, and CoQ10. It has L-Carnitine, which helps the body burn fat. The coffee blend can also help improve the appearance of skin with its collagen and glutathione content.

Kaffea coffee is also the first coffee blend from the Philippines that’s sweetened with coconut sugar, a healthier sweetener alternative to white sugar. Coconut sugar is known to have a lower glycemic index than regular table sugar. According to the Philippines’ Food and Nutrition Research Institute, coconut sugar has higher levels of iron, zinc, and calcium.

The Kaffee Coffee Drink Mix is available in sachet form (12 pcs), too.

2. iAMFit 8in1 Coffee (10 sachets), now on sale at P120 (limited time only)
PERFECT FOR: Those who want for a supercharged boost to their instant coffee without sacrificing taste.

TASTE: The coffee blend tastes just like a cafe mocha. It’s also quite sweet, thanks to its mix of stevia, brown sugar, and non-dairy creamer. In terms of taste and mouthfeel, the iAMFit coffee resembles the most compared to the common instant coffee options found in the grocery or convenience store.

It’s quite impressive how this 8-in-1 coffee tastes just like a regular instant coffee blend, but it’s potent with healthy ingredients. It contains ampalaya, spirulina, and grapeseed extract. Ampalaya is rich in fiber and helps lowers blood sugar levels; spirulina helps build muscle and manage weight, while grapeseed extract helps improve blood circulation and prevent stomach ulcers.

3. Valentus SlimROAST Optimum Dark Roast Coffee (6 Day Trial Pack), now on sale at P1,349 (limited time only)

PERFECT FOR: Those looking for a coffee option that can help supplement their weight loss journey.

TASTE: This tastes like pure, no frills dark roasted coffee. It has a strong taste that’s slightly bitter with a smokey aftertaste. It’s evident that little to no sweetener or creamer was included.

The dark roast coffee option is formulated with ingredients such as Acetyl-L Carnitine and L-Theanine to name a few that helps control appetite. It also contains Green Tea Catechins Extract (VAS06), a nitric oxide and antioxidant booster to increase nitric production and stimulate blood flow around the body. It also helps regulate fat and sugar absorption, while increasing energy levels and brain health at the same time.

The Valentus SlimROAST Optimum Dark Roast Coffee is available in a 105g tub, too.

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