Sometimes, you just need to get away. And for those quick weekend trips, I try to keep my beauty needs to a minimum—or, at least, what I consider a “minimum”! To me, a weekend spent away from the city means setting aside everything thick, heavy, and time-consuming. The easy-breezy, au naturel look is a mini escape in itself, don’t you think?
Take a look at what I brought with me on a recent beach trip. No need to lug around your entire makeup collection or your skincare regimen’s entire line—these top picks helped me look fab all weekend long!
1. A CLEAR POUCH. I always try to get see-through kikay kits when traveling, as they make it so much easier to see what I’ve brought along with me. This case by one of my local faves, Coco & Tres, is super sturdy and even expands to fit more stuff. Coco & Tres Large Clear Utility Pouch in Yellow/Black, P455.
2. A SMART-GIRL BRUSH. Don’t let the wind effect get to you! I take with me a compact Tangle Teezer that fits easily into my kit along with all my other beauty essentials. This baby-sized brush is famous for detangling hair and doesn’t hurt my scalp ever. And I really think that’s much needed after a day by the sea when my mane gets roughed up. Tangle Teezer’s Compact Styler Brush in Gold Rush, P1,110.
3. FACE WASH & MIRACLE OIL IN ONE. I always have a travel-sized facial wash on hand. My new fave is by local brand Be Organic, because its main ingredient is argan oil—the perfect thing to soothe and moisturize my skin after a day of touring. This facial wash foams, so it’s very gentle on the face, and it’s also an anti-aging formula, so it’s very hardworking skincare. Be Organic’s Argan Oil Foaming Facial Wash, P198.
4. SUN PROTECTION. An ultra-lightweight lotion for the face, at no less than SPF50, is a major must for me. I’m quite conscientious about applying sunscreen, so having a formula that doesn’t feel thick on the face is always a plus (especially if my weekend trip involves a beach of any kind). Neutrogena’s Ultra Sheer Complete UV Waterlight Lotion SPF50+, P474.
5. MOISTURIZER & PRIMER IN ONE. Clearly, I favor multi-tasking facial care. This bestseller from My Prime is much buzzed-about for a reason: it doesn’t just moisturize your face, but also doubles as a primer with a matte finish. It also comes in a mess-free tube that protects your other essentials from potential spillage. Love it. My Prime’s Multi-Purpose Mattifying Moisturizer, P1,050.
6. EYE CREAM. Your weekend accommodations might carry a line of toiletries and skincare for your convenience, but I never forget to pack eye cream. You just never know what the hotel won’t have! Especially when spending several days outdoors, sun exposure can lead to the appearance of fine lines and crow’s feet—and this handy, lightweight, non-sticky eye cream is what will come to the rescue! My Prime’s Weightless Eye Cream, P895.
7. LIP BALM. I always slick my lips with balm before going to bed. It really guarantees that I wake up the next morning with a chap-free pucker. Besides, Carmex is one of the classics! Its formula has been tried and tested for years, so it really works. Promise. Carmex’s Original Jar, P119.
8. BASIC BROW STUFF. Okay, here’s the truth: even when I’m going for a bare face, the one thing I find vital to my daily look is a pair of well-groomed brows. Brows that are tidy and somewhat defined immediately frame the face—and this can actually make it less obvious that you’ve skipped makeup! The brow secret I’m toting around is by Majolica Majorca and, get this, also works as a mascara. Double definition, ladies! Majolica Majorca’s Brow & Lash Colorist in Marron Brown, P650.
9. JUST A HINT OF COLOR. I always opt for double-duty makeup when on-the-go, so I swear you’ll be grateful you brought something that works a blush and lip stain at once. It makes your cheeks look just-pinched and your lips just-bitten (not to mention, the single tube saves space in your kikay kit). Lioele’s Pop Tint in Cherry Tint, P550.
10. POWDER BASE (OPTIONAL!). I would do away with foundation altogether if I’m feeling confident about my skin—but let’s face it, sometimes we just want our complexion to look even. This compact comes with its own sponge (yay!) and it provides just enough coverage for any fancy dinner you might have to attend during your mini-break. Max Factor Face Finity Compact Foundation in Golden, P963.
11. WIPES (NON-OPTIONAL!). I’m so glad makeup remover wipes were invented! This pack of 30 saves you from the hassle of carrying fragile bottles of makeup cleanser and reduces your makeup removal process to just a few swipes—literally. Lioele’s Cleansing Tissue, P180.

Photos courtesy of Lyca Puno-Roa