I don’t know how I went from Girl-Who-Drew-Lightning-Bolt-On-Her-Forehead-And-Wore-Glasses-And-A-Cape to Costume Party Queen, but I seem to have cultivated a reputation for being crazy for Halloween.

I guess it’s because I am! I love that Halloween is the one day in the year that you can pretend to be somebody you’re not—not that there aren’t already people who do this on a daily basis (LOL)—and have as much fun with it as you can. It’s a day for everyone to let their freak flag fly, or just fulfill those childhood fantasies of being a Disney Princess.

The truth is that I don’t actually go as all-out as people think I do; I’m just clever with makeup. Elaborate makeup is always eye-catching and impressive because most people don’t think they’re capable of doing it themselves. But actually, they are!

No Lichtenstein Ben-Day dots for this tutorial (which I did in 2009 and again in 2013 because I got lazy to think of something new for Night 2 of the Halloween weekend), no Mystique (which I did in 2011), and no skull makeup (which I did in 2012 at the last minute because, again, I got lazy). Instead, here’s a quick how-to for Effie Trinket’s butterfly makeup look from Catching Fire. (Just so you know, this is also the first time I’m doing this look, so if I’m figuring it out as we go along, I promise, it shouldn’t be hard for you to do at home at all!)

Here’s what I’m using, all available on BeautyMNL:
Clockwise from left: Paperself's Full Deer & Butterfly Lashes, PRO STUDIO's Pro 88 Eyeshadow Palette, Tony Moly's Perfect Eyes Eyeliner in Night Khaki


STEP 1: Make your face pale. I used a very, very thin layer of white greasepaint from one of my professional face paint kits to do this, because Effie has a pallid complexion. Light enough to look light, but not so thick that you can’t see my skin anymore. But really, you can opt to skip this altogether and just use your regular foundation, or use a lighter shade of foundation than you normally would. (You know that bottle of the wrong shade that you bought by mistake that makes you look like a ghost? Time to crack it out!)
STEP 2: Contour your cheekbones with yellow eyeshadow. Apply a rich shade of yellow where you would normally apply your highlighter and blush. I used a deep canary yellow from the PRO STUDIO’s Pro 88 Eyeshadow Palette. I also used a shimmery pale yellow and blended it with my fingertips onto the tops of my cheekbones for a touch of highlight. (I’m obsessed with highlighter, always and forever.)

STEP 3: Apply the same yellow to your brow bones, then use a slightly darker golden yellow-orange to your eyebrows. Make sure that the yellow shadow you apply to your brow bones meets the yellow shadow you used on your cheeks to create a C-shape.
STEP 4: Apply a golden orange shadow all over your eyelids. This shadow should be darker than the shade you used on your cheeks and brow bones. I used one of the many shades from the same palette.

STEP 5: Blend a deep golden-brown shadow into your crease, along your upper lash line, and along your lower lash line. This helps give your eyes more definition.
STEP 6: Curl your lashes! This is prep for later.

STEP 7: Apply dark brown pencil liner along your upper and lower lash lines. You can allow the liner to taper along your lower lash line instead of drawing all the way.
STEP 8: Attach your falsies. The falsies are really the pièce de résistance of the Effie look. I used Paperself’s Full Deer & Butterfly Lashes, which are either the same as the ones they appear to have used in the film, or as close to them as possible. Putting false eyelashes on can be a challenge for a first timer. Apply a little lash adhesive all along the lash strip, then blow on it a little and allow it to get a touch tacky. Holding either end of the lash, place the middle first, right above your lashline. Then when you think you have that perfectly in place, attach the ends of the lashes to the inner and outer corners.

STEP 9: Add some color to your lips. Effie’s are pretty bare in the original peg, but I can’t resist a touch of color on the kisser. I dabbed an orange shade from the same palette in the center of my lips.

Pop your wig on (I haven’t got one at the moment, unfortunately!), and you’re good to go!

Selfies courtesy of Regina Belmonte. Screencap of Effie Trinket: Lionsgate.