Well, well, well, it seems the hair gods are having a little fun with us today. As we were trawling through Instagram this morning, we stumbled upon not one, but two, celeb squad selfies. And because we are crazy enough to pay attention to these things, we couldn’t help but notice the clear divide in the hair department.

First, feast your eyes on Team Babe HairSolenn Heussaff, Anne Curtis, and Bea Soriano Dee:

Taken behind the scenes at a top-secret photo shoot, this photo depicts each star with a sensational cascade of curls.

Then, there’s Team Hair-Next-DoorJulia Barretto, Janella Salvador, and KC Concepcion:

A photo posted by JULIA (@juliabarretto) on

Snapped in front of Big Ben, this photo perfectly captures the actresses’ sweetheart-straight hair as it blows in the London breeze.

Two selfies, two hairstyles, one age-old debate. Are you a curl kind of girl, or straight-stylin’ for life? Either way, #squadgoals. (Also, dibs on that gorgeous nude lipstick Team Babe Hair is wearing—because whatever it is, they are wearing it well.)

Photos via Instagram: @annecurtissmith, @juliabarretto