There are so many beauty products in the world and only so much time. Chances are, none of us will get to test ~everything~ we want. But we sure can try! In this series, BeautyMNL road-tests the best things sent to our HQ—from hot new arrivals to the what’s trending on the Internet. So, can you guess what we tried?

We’ve always believed that the best foundations enhance your skin, not mask it completely. But for many folks, full coverage is a must—and on bad skin days, we believe in that, too. We’re talking theatrical levels of skin perfection; the kind of foundation you could wear on HD TV. In which case, the Internet says there’s only one for the job: Dermacol Makeup Cover.
Chances are, you’ve already seen this golden tube making the rounds on YouTube. Known as the world’s most full coverage foundation, Dermacol Makeup Cover was created by a team of film studio experts and dermatologists. It’s designed to fully cover uneven skin tone and eclipse even the most obvious blemishes in a single swipe. That’s not an exaggeration—it’s literally a one-swipe wonder.

But we’ve never tried it before, so the question still stands: does this viral foundation really live up to its claims? Let’s see!


You’ll only need half a pea-sized amount of product to start. Since the pigment is so concentrated, this tiny amount is more than enough to cover your entire face!
Dot the foundation over your forehead, nose, cheeks, and chin. This will ensure even coverage.
Then, using a moist sponge, stipple the foundation into your skin. Stippling is a technique that uses gentle bouncing motions to apply the product seamlessly.

Make sure you really smooth out the product around the crevices of your nose and other hard-to-reach corners of the face.

Once your foundation is done, apply the rest of your makeup as usual.

Model wears shade 210.


TEXTURE: The Dermacol Makeup Cover has a thick, rich consistency. We’d describe it as a cross between a cream and liquid foundation. To put it simply, it feels a lot like a heavy duty concealer.

COVERAGE: The claims are 100% LEGIT. This is definitely the most full-coverage foundation we have ever seen (and we’ve tried a ton). The Internet wasn’t kidding when it called this formula a one-swipe wonder. That half-a-pea is all you need to camouflage everything. It immediately covers up redness, dark spots, and other discolorations before you can bat an eyelash.
WEAR: While it doesn’t exactly deliver a “natural” finish, this foundation doesn’t look cakey, either. You could wear it every day if you needed (or wanted!) to. That said, we’re not sure how its density would fare under tropical heat and humidity. Be sure to set it well with loose powder and/or finishing spray if your skin is oily and tends to break product down.
In short, if you need a picture-perfect finish for special occasions, stage appearances, or other important events, this stuff has got you covered. What’s more, it works beautifully as a concealer. Just use it on top of your regular foundation to spot-correct stubborn imperfections. Good find!

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