There are so many beauty products in the world and only so much time. Chances are, none of us will get to test ~everything~ we want. But we sure can try! In this series, BeautyMNL road-tests the best things sent to our HQ—from hot new arrivals to the what’s trending on the Internet. So, can you guess what we tried?

There are two types of beauty products: the kind that’s just nice to have, and the kind that you absolutely can’t live without. Australia’s famous Lucas’ Papaw Ointment happens to be the latter. Seriously, Google it! The hype surrounding this little red tube is practically cult-level. (Even Natalie Portman swears by it.)
Developed in 1906 by surgeon and botanist TP Lucas, this ointment is made with fermented papaw (A.K.A papaya). Lucas believed it to be the finest healing natural medicine ever discovered—and it seems he was right. Over a hundred years later, his product has become a household name and proven remedy for pretty much everything. You can use it on chapped lips, cuts, open wounds, burns, splinters, insect bites, and inflamed skin, just to name a few!

Clearly, we needed no convincing to try it ourselves. This week, we put Lucas’ Papaw Ointment to the test in 4 different ways. (Apparently, it works as a tattoo treatment, too!)

Most commonly used as a balm, this ointment is designed to repair chapped skin and retain moisture. Luckily, we didn’t have to wait long for it to take effect. The relief was immediate! Its silky jelly texture applied and set smoothly, left no greasy finish, and prevented dryness for hours—even under a matte lipstick.
Most commercial balms only give your lips temporary relief. After a few hours, they’ll slowly dry out again, forcing you to apply even more product. Not with this silky salve! Unlike your typical lip balm, it contains no waxiness at all. With a petroleum jelly base and fermented papaw infusion, it quickly heals flaky skin and locks in moisture for hours. Only one application needed.

Now, on to what the product was actually made for: soothing and repairing dry, damaged skin. You can apply it directly on areas of your body that tend to chap, such as knees, elbows, callouses, or even sunburns. Despite how thick the salve appears, it melts and sinks almost instantly. No greasy finish or tacky feel!
Keep in mind that this ointment contains no extra moisture. It simply allows your skin to retain the moisture it already has. Its true potency lies in the papaw’s concentrated healing properties. When applied topically over broken skin, it banishes bacteria and repairs damage at the same time.

If you scour the Internet, you’ll see just how many beauty hacks involve this humble tube. Our favorite one: using it as a highlighter. So smart! Simply dab a teensy-tiny amount of product over the high points of your face. Since the salve contains no shimmer, it lends the skin a natural dewy look, like you’ve just finished masking or had a brisk walk.
Yes, we know what you’re thinking. A petroleum jelly-based product on your face? Sounds like a breakout waiting to happen! And normally, it would be—just not with this formula. According to the Lucas’ Papaw website, the ointment is made with only high quality pharmaceutical-grade petroleum jelly. So, unlike the cheaper versions of the stuff, it won’t clog your pores or cause skin irritation. (FYI, this product caused no breakouts after we highlighted with it!)

Fresh tattoos are basically open surface wounds. And if you’ve ever been inked, you’ll know that it’s crucial to keep a new piece clean and hydrated to speed up the healing process. Luckily, thanks to its moisture-sealing and antimicrobial properties, Lucas’ Papaw Ointment is also a popular tattoo aftercare treatment. It’s thankfully free of artificial fragrance—a major no-no for wounded skin.
Keep in mind, this tattoo was less than 24 hours old before the test. While the skin was no longer open, the ointment still worked wonders over the healing area. After many days of use, it also prevented the itching and dry peeling that usually happens during healing. If that’s not proof of its benefits, then we don’t know what is!
What can we say? The hype is real.

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