There are so many beauty products in the world and only so much time. Chances are, none of us will get to test ~everything~ we want. But we sure can try! In this series, BeautyMNL road-tests the best things sent to our HQ—from hot new arrivals to the what’s trending on the Internet. So, can you guess what we tried?

As of this moment of writing, over 163 million posts on Instagram are tagged #makeup. If that’s not proof of the app’s major role in beauty, then we don’t know what is! It’s our never-ending source of inspiration for both trendy and wearable looks. Our favorite one? It’s what many influencers call their “everyday Instagram makeup”.
Now, “everyday Instagram makeup” isn’t a formal name for any particular technique. It’s simply a common term for a social media influencer’s go-to makeup look for taking selfies—because, you know, do it for the ‘gram. That said, it does differ from person to person. But after watching enough YouTube tutorials, all “everyday Instagram makeup” looks seem to have 4 things in common: rosy colors, barely-there contouring, subtle eyeshadow play, and (most importantly) glowing skin.

It’s basically your typical no-makeup makeup look—just optimized for selfies. Naturally, we had to try it ourselves. See exactly how we recreated the look with our easy step-by-step guide, below!


First, we start with the foundation of any makeup look: a flawless base and polished brows.
For foundation, make sure your shade is as close to your natural skin tone as possible. Evenly apply it over your face, either with a sponge or makeup brush. Your choice! Once that’s done, spot-conceal any dark marks or discoloration.
WHAT WE USED: Maybelline Fit Me Matte Foundation, P399. Shop it here!

You don’t want to do too much on your brows. The goal is to simply make them appear fuller and textured without chiseling them out. Using your brow tool of choice, fill in any sparse areas. Define the tail end of your brows, but keep the front half light and natural. Make sure to brush through them to evenly distribute pigment.
WHAT WE USED: Innisfree Auto Eye Brow Pencil, P225. Shop it here!


The key to any selfie-ready look? Play up your eyes! In “everyday Instagram makeup,” that usually means creating subtle definition with soft neutral colors, a touch of mascara, and sometimes an understated cateye.
For starters, sweep a pale taupe all over your lids. This will even out any discoloration and serve as the base for the rest of your eye makeup.
WHAT WE USED: Send Noodles from the Colourpop Double Entendre Eyeshadow Palette, P1,300. Shop it here!
Next, lightly contour your crease with a light warm almond shade. Using a fluffy brush, start from the outer corner of your eyes and across your crease. Blend out any harsh lines.
WHAT WE USED: Nip Slip from the Colourpop Double Entendre Eyeshadow Palette, P1,300. Shop it here!
Once that’s done, add a touch of shimmer! We recommend a copper-toned gold. Dab it onto the center of your lids and blend towards the inner corner of your eye.
WHAT WE USED: Uninhibited from the Colourpop Double Entendre Eyeshadow Palette, P1,300. Shop it here!
Now, line your eyes using a dark brown for a more natural effect. Using an angled brush, apply the color across your lash line. Then, slightly extend the line to create a subtle cat-eye.
WHAT WE USED: Teddy Bare from the Colourpop Double Entendre Eyeshadow Palette, P1,300. Shop it here!
Last but not least, curl your lashes and apply mascara for brighter, wide-awake eyes.
WHAT WE USED: Maybelline Magnum Big Shot Waterproof Mascara, P399. Shop it here!


Nothing livens up a flat complexion like a healthy, rosy flush. Using a fluffy cheek brush, sweep some color over the top of your cheekbones. Make sure to blend out any harsh lines to diffuse the color.
WHAT WE USED: Pink Sugar Sweet Cheeks HD Color in Miss Independent, P299. Shop it here!


Okay, here’s where you want to pay extra attention. Contouring is a scary task for most of us Filipinas, but the lightest definition is all it takes to slim down your face and bring your best features forward.

Using a light chocolate shade, lightly sweep the color across the hollows of your cheeks, underneath your jawline, across your hair line, and down the sides of your nose. Then, blend, blend, blend!
WHAT WE USED: Benefit Hoola Matte Bronzer, P1,800. Shop it here!


Almost done! Create dewy radiance with a liquid highlighter. Using your finger, dab it over the top of your cheekbones, down your nose bridge, over your cupid’s bow, and on the center of your chin. This will lend your face an effortless glow—creating the illusion of healthy, hydrated skin!
WHAT WE USED: Benefit Girl Meets Pearl Luminizer, P1,900. Shop it here!


Last but not least: lip color! Top off your look with a swipe of rosy mauve lipstick. Choose a formula with a plush, velvety finish—not too matte and not too glossy.
WHAT WE USED: Mizon Skins Liquid Matte in Rose Deep, now on sale at P360 (limited time only). Shop it here!
Now, who’s ready for their closeup?

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