We’ve always looked forward to Pantone’s It-color announcement since it became, you know, a thing. And in the last few years, we haven’t been disappointed. In 2016, we got a pair of perfect pastels; in 2015, a ravishing wine red. So as we all held a collective breath for 2017’s Color of the Year, we were wishing for something that would inspire us as much as its predecessors did.
Here’s the verdict: that color is green. Yes, green. So green, in fact, that there isn’t even a fancy moniker for it, unlike Marsala or Rose Quartz or Radiant Orchid. Pantone just calls it Greenery—and to be perfectly honest, we’re not sure how we feel about it.

It’s not that Greenery is unappealing, mind you. This “fresh and zesty yellow-green” symbolizes health, rejuvenation, and change, all of which we firmly advocate for. New Year, new leaf, as they say! Our qualms with the color are based solely on vanity: how in the world are we going to infuse it into our beauty routines?
While past Pantone picks have worked beautifully as makeup, nail polish, and even hair color, Greenery will be a little bold for most. It’s the kind of hue that requires chutzpah to pull off. If you can brave it, so be it! Otherwise, we’d advise you to go green(ery) with the packaging. That counts for something, right?

COMPACT: CoverGirl Clean Sensitive Skin Pressed Powder, P358
FRAGRANCE: Scent Swatch Apple Green Eau de Parfum, P399
MAKEUP SPONGE: PRO Studio Pro Blend Sponge, on sale at P338 (limited time only)
SHEET MASK: Baroness Cucumber Mask, P95
NAIL POLISH: GirlStuff Go Jackie Go, P120
BODY GEL: DewyTree Bamboo Soothing Gel, P349
FACE WASH: Simple Moisturizing Facial Wash, P299
NIGHT CREAM: Innisfree Green Tea Sleeping Pack, on sale at P853 (limited time only)
LIP BALM: BeBe Bartoons Turtle Lip Balm, on sale at P550 (limited time only)
HAIR DYE: Cospray Washable Hair Color, P249
EYESHADOW: Suesh Green Eyeshadow Pot in E30, P90
KIKAY KIT: Paperthinks Handy Travel Pouch, on sale at P1,350 (limited time only)
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