I’ve always had long hair. And don’t get me wrong, I’ve loved it, especially being able to style it however I want. But there are times when my hair gets really heavy, and I find myself stuck with the same old look every single day (which is why I’m so open to trying new colors all the time). So, I’ve decided to cut it short. Hair grows back, so why not?

One problem a lot of girls (including myself) have is that when we finally decide to cut our long locks, we regret it immediately after. I’ve had my hair cut short once or twice before, and both times I wished I hadn’t done it—to the point that I wanted to cry and turn back time! But not this time, I promised myself—and to really make it serious, I paid my good friend, master hairstylist Lourd Ramos, a visit.
When I arrived at Lourd’s High Chair Bottega de Barberia in Eton Tower, Makati, I told him, “Lourd, I want a completely new look. A drastic change. Chop my hair off and give me a new color!” Lourd was excited to do it, since we were starting from scratch with my basic long-hair look.
Chopping it off was the first portion of the program. I wanted an almost-bob, but not too short. Lourd kept the front long and the back layered, the idea of which I totally LOVE. Layers give such great texture and make your hairstyle look more unique!
Up next, the color. I told Lourd I wanted a grayish color, since that seems to be the direction the trend is going these days. Mixing up his own customized blend, Lourd gave me this soft ash brown color with subtle gray highlights. When I saw the final result, I thought it looked absolutely perfect!
It looks like I went more gray than brown, but like I said, Lourd just gave me gray highlights! That’s what created the ashy look and leveled up the brown. For those of you who are scared of going 100% gray, one-time-big-time, try this technique. It’s subtle and totally wearable yet gives you this gorgeous new look!
Following the coloring, the salon gave me a super relaxing hair treatment and massage and then finished by styling my lob into waves. I walked out of there totally in love with my new look. It’s not too short, not too long, and I can scrunch it up and make it look messy yet still chic! Thanks, Lourd!

My advice: go on, girl, take that leap. I got a bob (sort of) and I absolutely don’t regret it. Add a sexy new color on top of that, and there’s no way you’ll want to go back to black.

Photos and video by Say Artillero. Cut and Color by Lourd Ramos.