Show of hands: how many of you have seen makeup artist Ellie Choi’s glassy-faced selfie? It was this very viral post that launched “glass skin” into the K-beauty stratosphere.
If you keep up with Korean beauty trends, you’re probably familiar with this term by now. It refers to a clear, pore-less, almost translucent complexion, that looks almost like a shard of glass. As you can imagine, given the average Korean woman’s multi-step beauty regimen, glass skin does not come easy. Achieving a glow of this magnitude is a long-term commitment—one that begins with a solid skincare routine.

So if you’re willing to put in the work, we’ll show you how to get glass skin below.


The golden rule of any good skincare routine is to cleanse, but K-beauty takes it to the next level with double-cleansing. Simply cleanse your skin of makeup, dirt, and sebum with a cleansing oil, then again with a foam-based wash.
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Aside from looking extra dewy, glass-skinned girls make sure they’re free of blemishes. This type of skin need to look so smooth, you can’t see a single pore! To achieve poreless perfection, use a face pack at least once a week. Opt for a gentle formula with natural ingredients to avoid drying and irritation.
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The polar opposite of glass skin is a dull, lifeless face. This look is all about the luminous, Tinker Bell glow. Be sure to use a brightening, skin-rejuvenating cream that evens out your skin and reveals its natural radiance.
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When it comes to Korean skincare trends, moisturizing is the most important step of all. The glass skin trend, in particular, puts great emphasis on deep hydration. For this, you’ll need a rich moisturizer that takes nourishment to the next level! Because when it comes to looking lit-from-within, there’s no such thing as too much moisturizer.
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Glass skin is a skincare trend, but like all things K-beauty, skincare and makeup are closely intertwined. If you really must wear makeup, we recommend a light, dewy foundation with a skin-friendly formula. Choose that will leave you “glassy” (not greasy!) throughout the day. So if you don’t have the skin of your dreams just yet, you can at least fake it ‘til you make it!
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Ellie Choi photo via Instagram: @elliejellyb3an

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