Bang-for-your-buck and oh-so-pretty, the BeautyMNL Gift Sets are designed for all beauties. When you hand one of our curated boxes to your nearest and dearest, you are gifting them with a boost of confidence—and a much-deserved indulgence. Find out how to use each set with our GIFTorial Series, a true Christmas special.

There’s a reason why people call the -ber months “the blur months,” and why the holidays inevitably turn into the #holidaze. There’s just so much to do, so many people to see, endless parties to attend, bottomless shopping lists to complete, and to top it all off, tons of deadlines to meet before the blessed Christmas break. Phew! In short, it’s a stressful time—and at one point or another, you’ll need a breather.
So we created the Treat Yourself Gift Set (P499), a simple care package to soothe frayed nerves. In this chic navy box, you’ll find a therapeutic candle, a calming sheet mask, and Epsom salts that smell so divine, you’ll forget all your cares. At least, for an hour or two. Your at-home oasis awaits!


PRODUCT #1: Happy Island Candle Co. Lavender Candle
STEP 1: Screw the lid off the candle.
STEP 2: Light the wick and enjoy the smell of lavender.
NOTE: Only burn your Happy Island Candle on a heat-resistant surface.

PRODUCT #2: Banila Co. Black Cacao Essential Mask
STEP 1: Remove the black mask from its sleeve and fit it over your face.
STEP 2: Leave the mask on for 15 to 20 minutes.
STEP 3: Once you have discarded the mask, use your palms to pat any remaining essence into your skin.
PRODUCT #3: Zenutrients Coffee and Vanilla Epsom Salt
STEP 1: To give yourself a foot spa, first fill a basin with warm water.
STEP 2: Scoop a generous amount of the Epsom salt into the water. Swirl until it dissolves. The coffee granules will remain intact, scenting the water.
STEP 3: Immerse both feet in the water. Soak until it cools.
The Epsom salt bath will remove odor, soothe aches, and soften skin. You may also do a full-body soak in a bathtub.

STEP 4: The Epsom salt also works as a face and body scrub. Simply mix a small amount with your cleanser or body wash. Then, scrub away!
Believe us when we say that this at-home spa will be an aromatic one. Everything smells amazing—an irresistible blend of coffee, vanilla, lavender, and more delightful things. Give this to someone who’s been working hard all year, and you’ll be coming up roses!
The Treat Yourself Gift Set (P499) features the three products listed above. It is exclusively available on BeautyMNL. Shop it right here!
Photos and GIFs by Erika Gue