Bang-for-your-buck and oh-so-pretty, the BeautyMNL Gift Sets are designed for all beauties. When you hand one of our curated boxes to your nearest and dearest, you are gifting them with a boost of confidence—and a much-deserved indulgence. Find out how to use each set with our GIFTorial Series, a true Christmas special.
Ever found yourself rushing to a holiday fête without a lick of makeup on your face? Chances are, your squad has experienced the same. The #Instapretty Gift Set (P499) was created for this very purpose!
Nestled in this lovely pink box are the bare essentials for natural makeup: a brow pencil, a tube of nude lipstick, and a pack of blotting paper. Whether it’s stationed on a work desk or billeted in the backseat, this kikay kit will get a gal gorgeous, stat.


PRODUCT #1: Holika Holika Wonder Drawing 24HR Auto Eyebrow in Dark Brown
STEP 1: Trace the shape of your brows.
Tip: This is a great way to match up uneven arches and elongate shorter brows. Use soft strokes so you won’t have a hard time blending the product later.

STEP 2: Shade between the lines.
Tip: Color in three-fourths of your brows, leaving the last fourth bare (the area closest to your nose). We have a special way to shade this area to give you the most natural-looking result (see below!).

STEP 3: Blend the color.
Tip: After you have softened any harsh edges, use the leftover product on your spoolie to shade in the final fourth of your brow. Softly blend this into the rest of the brow shape. This technique creates a subtle gradient so that your arches look effortless, rather than “angry.”
PRODUCT #2: Maybelline Color Show Matte Lipstick in Mysterious Mocha
STEP 1: Draw an X over your Cupid’s bow. The highest points and dip of the X will serve as “boundaries” for your lipstick, allowing you to contour your lips nicely.
STEP 2: Fill in your top lip using the X mark as a guide, then paint over your bottom lip. Mwah!
PRODUCT #3: Leiania TeaFresh Oil Blotting Paper
STEP 1: Gently pat the blotting sheet over the oily regions of your face.
STEP 2: Pinch your cheeks, shake out your hair, and sneak in a selfie!
Voilà! You are officially #Instapretty. Feels good to be gifted, doesn’t it?
The #Instapretty Gift Set (P499) features the three products listed above. It is exclusively available on BeautyMNL. Shop it right here!

Photos and GIFs by Erika Gue

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