Looking forward to the holiday break? We’re sure your travel-happy friends and family feel the same way, too. What better Christmas present than one that they can put to use when wanderlust strikes? Here are a few fail-safe suggestions they can bring along on their next big trip.


These travel-sized toiletries mean more convenient bathing, less looting of the hotel’s toiletries selection.

1 Alterna’s Hair Travel Set (Handpicked by Katie Holmes), P2,105
2 Gemima Jones’ Ylang-Ylang & Patchouli Travel Set, P748


Everyone needs an organizational pouch (or two) when they pack for a trip. Everyone.

3 Coco & Tres’ Flap Travel Pouch (Set of 3), P945
4 Built NY’s Bryant Park Pouches, P1,817. Choose between the Emerald and Colorful versions!
5 Allerhand’s Travel-Friendly Zip Pouch, P300
6 Paperthinks’ Handy Travel Pouch, P1,350


Good-looking backpack? Check. Sunglasses for deplaning sans makeup? Check. Something for your passport and your check-in luggage? Check and check.

7 Soul Flower’s The Wanderer Rucksack, P990
8 David Jones’ Sasha Bag, P2,280
9 School of Satchel’s Brown Luggage Tag, P350. Also available in Black.
10 T.U.’s Passport Holder, P1,450
11 Luxe Studio’s Rebecca Sunglasses, P499 each


An all-in-one makeup palette, essential brushes, and straightening/detangling tools are must-haves for the sleek jetsetter.

12 Tangle Teezer’s Compact Styler Detangling Brush, P1,110
13 Krist Bansuelo’s Premium 5-Piece Travel Brush Kit, P2,400
14 Herstyler’s Mini Zebra Hair Straightener, P1,990 (Note: It’s hand-sized!)
15 Pop Beauty’s Pop Your Natural Beauty Palette, P695