Just like perfume, boyfriends come in all kinds of shapes, sizes, and personalities. Some like spending their Saturdays on the football field, and there are some who like staying in for a weekend of Netflix. Some of them show up at your door with chocolates and a handwritten poem, while others—well, they may forget what your favorite flowers are now and then, but they’re still sweet in their way.

No matter what kind of person your S.O. may be, Pure Bliss has got your next birthday, Christmas, or anniversary gift covered. We’ve handpicked the best of their men’s fragrances (all at only P299 each!), and we guarantee at least one of them is a match-made-in-heaven for your boo. You can thank us later!

THE BOY: The Boy-Next-Door
THE FRAGRANCE: Blanc Eau de Parfum, P299
THE SCENT: A classic, yet sexy scent that’s never too overpowering

This boyfriend will attend a cooking workshop with you, and pick your little brother up from school. He’ll gladly get up early for breakfast at Tagaytay, and he’ll have you home early enough for your brother’s recital. Not only does your mom love him, your titas already comment on his Facebook pics, too!

Like the boy-next-door, this perfume is subtle and down-to-earth. With a blend of grapefruit, cardamom, and cedar, it’s the perfect balance between sweet and woody. There are subtle hints of Mexican tuberose and ylang-ylang, so as old-fashioned as it may seem, it still exudes an exciting and sensual vibe.

THE BOYFRIEND: The Headstrong Lover
THE FRAGRANCE: Rogue Eau de Parfum, P299
THE SCENT: A spicy, energetic fragrance that lingers

He’s romantic, impulsive, and you haven’t told your friends about him yet. You’ve only been texting for a couple of weeks, but he’s already invited you to take things to the next level (what ever that may mean for you). Should you go for it? Take this as the sign you’ve been waiting for!

Made from red roiboos tea, mandarin, liquor, and mango, this dynamic scent is equal parts intoxicating and charming. With energizing, piquant notes of black pepper and ginger, it leaves a spicy aroma that’s impossible to ignore.

THE BOYFRIEND: The Cultured Gentleman
THE FRAGRANCE: L’Exces Eau de Parfum, P299
THE SCENT: A refined blend that’s equal parts breezy and sophisticated

He’s got a flair for music and the arts, and won’t mind dressing up for a night of wine and tapas. You probably met him at your officemate’s house party—he was the only one who knew that book you were talking about. He’s shy and polite, but he knows how to give you a splendid time!

This fragrance is an intricate mixture of lavender and Amalfi lemon, with base notes of patchouli and amber. It will leave him feeling calm, creative, and energized—perfect to spritz on before work or for a special date night.

THE BOYFRIEND: The Playful Geek
THE FRAGRANCE: Vert Eau de Parfum, P299
THE SCENT: A fun and zesty fragrance that exudes freshness even on haggard days

Video games, comics, and the latest action figures are his jam. He’s great with kids because he’s still young at heart. He’s super fun to be with, he’ll make you laugh for hours, and the best part? He’ll be game for matching Halloween outfits—just as long as you take his pictures at the next Comic Con!

Infused with iced melon, grapefruit, and Italian bergamot, this perfume is packed with a citrus kick. Balanced with blue lavender, thyme, and fig, it still has hints of calm and coolness.

THE BOYFRIEND: The After-Hours Athlete
THE FRAGRANCE: Bleu Eau de Parfum, P299
THE SCENT: A strong, bold scent that crisp and clean

If he’s not on the field with his buddies, then he’s cheering his lungs out while watching the playoffs. Back in the day, he was the captain of his team and probably even the season’s MVP. Although he has a day job now, he still makes time to shoot hoops or hit the gym after work. You probably get to wear his old jersey, too!

Twist open the bottle and spritz a refreshing whiff of peppermint and grapefruit. With a strong, sweet-scented mixture of sage, orange blossom, oak moss, and fern, your guy won’t have to smell like he’s fresh-out-of-the-locker-room anymore. Phew.

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