Our number one mantra in skincare? Moisture is everything. The rest simply follows. So it only makes sense that Asian skincare prioritizes the maintenance of a healthy moisture barrier. Bear with us, we’ll explain.

“Moisture barrier” is one of those buzzwords many throw around with abandon and only few truly understand. But know this: it’s not just jargon, it’s the key to achieving the skin of your koreanovela dreams. Find out why in the breakdown below.


To put it simply, it’s your skin’s outermost layer. The moisture barrier is made up of two components: corneocytes (dead skin cells that eventually shed) and lipids (molecules that hold moisture). It’s designed to be highly impenetrable, so it can block out irritants and prevent precious moisture from seeping out of your skin.


First of all, the moisture barrier is your skin’s first line of defense. It protects every other layer from environmental damage, bacteria, and other impurities. Second, your moisture barrier is also responsible for moisture retention. Once that barrier is damaged, your skin rapidly loses hydration and fails to absorb the benefits of your skincare products. Not to mention, it also becomes more prone to acne-causing bacteria. Yikes. That said, a strong moisture barrier is crucial for all skin types.


Maintaining a healthy moisture barrier is actually quite simple. Just amp up the amount of moisture you feed your skin and avoid harsh products. Focus on formulas with plant oils and lipid-rich nutrients. These coat the skin with a temporary film to protect from further damage, while replenishing lost lipids at the same time.

Ready to rebuild your face after that info overload? Start with 5 K-beauty faves that nourish, hydrate, and repair the skin.

1. DewyTree 7 Cut Facial Cream, now on sale at P1,007 (limited time only)

 This cream is crafted especially for sensitive skin. It contains ocean-sourced ingredients that regenerate skin cells, as well as ceramides to lock in moisture for over 10 hours.

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2. COSRX Advanced Snail Power Essence, now on sale at P873 (limited time only)

This coveted essence is packed with 96% pure snail filtrate. A miracle ingredient, snail goo provides deep nourishment and repairs damage from the inside out.

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3. UGB Sleeping Cream, P1,900
Designed to be the final step in your skincare routine, this night cream coats the skin with a moisturizing membrane. Sounds strange, but works great for sealing in moisture while you sleep.

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4. Dr. Jart+ V7 VitaLaser 2.1, P2,598
This highly-concentrated treatment is powered by a 7-vitamin complex. Wowza! This blend boosts the production of new skin cells, soothes environmental damage, and replaces the skin’s lost nutrients.

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5. Banila Co. Miss Flower Essence Oil, P1,350
Loved by dry-skinned women the world over, this beauty oil contains rich plant oils (so you know it benefits your barrier). These plant oils heal damaged skin and minimize fine lines, giving you a healthy glow.

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