Sometimes, no matter how long we shower or how often we brush our teeth, we emit a nasty body odor. Hey, we can’t help the way we stink! But if you’ve done everything you can to mask your musk (and to no avail), you may be surprised to learn that it’s not just about what you put on your body. What you put in it can help get rid of less-than-sweet smells, too.

In other words, what you eat can affect the way you smell—whether it’s your breath, your feet, or other areas we’re all too embarrassed to own up to. Curious? Read on to find out which food items can help you achieve full-body freshness.


Herbs, like peppermint, tarragon, and parsley, are nature’s breath mints. When ingested, the herbs release oils that override nasty odors until your next brush. Peppermint leaves a pleasant scent behind, too, which makes it work twice as hard. However, keep in mind, the effects are only temporary—nothing tops a healthy oral hygiene routine!

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Ingredients with chlorophyll, a pigment responsible for the green color of plants, aids in fighting unpleasant smells from the the inside out. Take, for instance, wheatgrass. Wheatgrass fights off toxins which cause us to release a foul body odor. Think of it as an deodorant—only you don’t apply it; you drink it! For best results, we recommend drink a shot of wheatgrass once a day.

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One infamously pungent ingredient which can apparently neutralize smelly feet is apple cider vinegar (or ACV). Who woulda thunk it? Using ACV in a weekly foot soak kills odor-causing microbes and lessens sweat—the main culprits of foot odor. The kitchen staple contains acetic acid and phenolics, two science-approved properties that make it work. Oh, and don’t worry, your feet won’t smell like salad dressing afterward!

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It turns out the question as to whether pineapple improves your vaginal odor is true. Pineapple, alongside other citrus fruits, are known to freshen the intimate area. The acids in citrus fruits aid in flushing out water that contribute to unpleasant odors. Conversely, asparagus, onions, or cruciferous veggies promote the opposite. Like we said, you are what you eat!

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